Getting Ready for Fall with Summer Storage

1 October 2014 by

The fall equinox was more than a week ago now and as the days grow shorter each evening and the mornings get chillier, many people may consider moving their car from the driveway into their garage where it can easily be warmed up, free of frost and fallen leaves.

But what to do with all that equipment leftover from the spring and summer? Lawn care items such as mowers, tools, and extra flower pots or mulch can pile up during the warm weather taking up valuable space in the garage that could accommodate a vehicle during the cooler months.

Renting a self-storage unit for those leftover summertime objects can free up space and actually ensure that equipment stays in good shape for reuse next spring.

“From jet skis to boats and snow ski equipment as well as even mountaineering gear, a storage unit is a smart, affordable and logical choice,” says Josh Schoen in his blog post “Making The Most Of The Summer Through The Use Of Self Storage” on “Best of all, those that choose a storage unit as opposed to storing items in their home can enjoy better levels of security for their valued items.”

AllState Self-Storage’s website suggests wiping down items that are made of metal such as mowers, tools and bicycles with machine oil to prevent rusting. Bagged dirt or mulch – a commonly used ground cover – can be stored in an outdoor or indoor self-storage unit for use next season if the proper steps are taken to ventilate and keep the material dry.

According to Bonnie L. Grant on, “The key is keeping the product dry and ventilated when storing unused bagged mulch.” Even a small self-storage unit can accommodate a wooden pallet, used to keep bags of mulch or potting soil off the ground and ventilated during storage time.

Children’s play equipment can also be stored in a self-storage unit instead of a home garage to free up space. Outdoor playhouses are often made of colorful plastic with metal screws which can quickly rust in the harsh weather that often accompanies the fall season. Falling leaves and tree limbs can also damage toys left outside, and bicycles not only take up a lot of space but can rust quickly and become unusable if left exposed to temperature changes during the colder months. To ensure toys make it to the next play year safely, consider moving them to a small self-storage unit.

One last tip: pack like items together to easily find them next year. Shovels and garden tills can all be zip tied together and leaned against a self-storage unit wall, while pool maintenance items or gardening pots and toys can be boxed up and labeled for the next season. Be sure to leave any combustibles at home though. Happy October!

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