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It may surprise you to know all the unusual things that potential storage facility renters attempt to load into their unit. Or it won’t surprise you. What do I know? Regardless, just because you turn out the light, close the door, and place a lock on it doesn’t mean that you can do whatever you want in it. There are still rules in place to protect you, the owner, and the other renters.

Let’s review some of the questions (and people’s mental states) that come up from time to time about what you absolutely cannot store in a self storage unit:

Can I store food in my storage unit?

A storage unit can be used to store NON-perishables only. This means it is appropriate to use your unit to put away sealed, canned goods “just in case” of the zombie apocalypse; however, a storage unit is not an appropriate place to keep a Big Mac and a few bananas “just in case” you want a midnight snack.

Can I live in my storage unit?

You are not the first person who thought that living in a storage unit could be a way to save on rent each month! But storage units are not zoned for residential use, so no people may live in the unit. Plus, there isn’t a bathroom there. Don’t be that guy.

Can I keep a pet in my storage unit?

No! For the same reason you can’t stay in a unit yourself, the storage space is simply not designed for a pet’s comfort. Keep your dog, cat or pot-bellied pig at home.

Is a storage unit the right place to keep a dead body?

First of all, why do you have a dead body? Secondly, no, a storage unit is not an appropriate place to store a dead body—not even that guy who cut you off on your morning commute. If you happen to find yourself with a corpse and no place to put it, please call 911 immediately.

What are the rules regarding the storage of stolen goods?

If you robbed a bank this morning and are looking for a great place to stash the cash, your storage unit is not an acceptable choice. Maybe you should go back to the bank and see if they will open an account for you. On second thought, you may want to try a different bank.

If my friend is wanted by the FBI, can I stash her in the unit?

No matter how adamantly you believe in her innocence, please do not hide a wanted felon in your storage unit. Not only would she be quite uncomfortable (unless you had climate control perhaps), but the Feds would make a terrible mess of your unit when they bust it open after receiving an, er, anonymous tip.

Can I store flammable material in my unit?

No, if you do not want to breathe the fumes at home, neither do we. There are many great programs in place that can help you discard of unused difficult-to-dispose of products, such as old paint, hairspray, gasoline, lighter fluid or any other toxic or flammable materials.

Are drugs or drug paraphernalia allowed to be stored?

Yes, we’re sure they belong to your “friend,” but please don’t attempt to store these items in your storage unit. Since they are not legal to possess, they are not legal to store.

How about firearms or other weapons?

While you may or may not have the proper paperwork for your gun collection, we are not in the business of verifying this information. Additionally, while our security system is top of the line, we can’t be responsible for what could happen if you left the lock off your door. Your firearms and other weapons cannot be stored with us.

May I use my unit for vehicle storage?

You must possess proper registration for any vehicle stored in your unit. Additionally, the vehicle must be in an appropriate vehicle-ready unit.

Should I store old trophies, leopard-print spandex shorts, the blanket my uncle brought from Mexico, the lamp I made in high school shop class, and my entire collection of Beanie Babies in my storage unit?

Absolutely not! Ok, yes, these are all perfectly acceptable items for storage. But there’s just no accounting for taste, is there?

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