5 Reasons to Rent a Self-Storage Unit

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Perhaps it’s that leaning tower of books you keep stubbing your toe on. Maybe it’s the hall closet that takes two people to close (and the panic that ensues every time you need to get something from it). Or it could be all that time you waste wading through the piles of junk in the attic to get what you want. Whatever it is, you know you need more space. So if you’ve had enough bruises, cuts and headaches, then it’s time to call up a storage facility.

Here are five great reasons to rent a storage unit:

1. The population is growing but your space isn’t.

When you bought your adorable little starter-home (read: microscopic apartment) years ago, it was the perfect size for you and your dreams. But now you’ve got a husband, two kids, maybe a dog or a couple of hamsters, and there’s only so much a small space can take before something blows.

Or now that you’ve recovered from empty nest syndrome, you find yourself among the 30% of American families whose adult kids have had to move back home during the economic downturn.[1] This time they come with piles of books, clothes, stereo equipment, bikes, and a trunk full of emotional baggage.

On the other hand, maybe your great aunt is coming for an extended stay, or you’ve volunteered to host a foreign exchange student. No matter the reason, the bottom line is: you need to clear out the “catch-all” room and don’t know what to do with all that stuff. For everyone’s safety, sanity and comfort, getting a self storage unit is just the thing to make room for more company and to keep you from being anti-social.

2. That awkward moving transition.

Many scenarios can make moving to a new space inconvenient. You have to be out of your old house by the end of the month, but the repairs are far from being completed in your new house. You’re relocating offices, but the old tenants of your new office space haven’t even begun packing. You’ve just moved to a new city and need somewhere to put your belongings while you couch-surf for a few months.

You have two choices: have an Oscar-worthy breakdown on your front lawn, or…well, honestly, that option sounds like the most fun. But if you’re not the crying, screaming, or fainting sort, a storage unit can save the day! The best part is everything you own is already packed—you just need a place to safely stow it until you’re ready to move into your new digs. Check out local storage units on a site like Self Storage Finders to compare prices and other details.

3. You’re remodeling.

This is a messy business, which is ironic, considering that you are trying to expand or improve your space. One day you’ll be comparing before and after pictures of your beautiful new home or office, but until that day, your stuff is in the way and dangerously close to being stepped on, lost or heaved out the window in a fit of frustration. To help you get through this transition, check out some nifty storage ideas from Pinterest, like these drool-inducing under-the-stairs and in-the-wall storage ideas. In the meantime, your possessions can be safely stowed in a storage unit far from the drills, hammers and paint rollers.

4. Business is booming!

Hooray for you and your entrepreneurial spirit! But now that you’re so successful, your home office or small rented office is overflowing with records, paperwork, samples, and inventory. You don’t want to apologize every time a client comes over secretly fearing a lawsuit for personal injury. It’s time to add a new budget line for an off-site storage unit where you can safely store inventory you don’t need right away or archive records.

5. ‘Tis the Season.

Where are you going to put the snow plow and Christmas decorations over the summer? You’re probably tripping over them in the garage to get to the camping gear and lawn mower. Clutter is a hassle, especially when the seasons change and you want to stash these things out of sight until next year. A self storage unit is your ticket to decluttering your home and garage every spring and fall. Everything you don’t currently have use for can stay out of sight in a secure storage facility.

In a perfect world, we would all have the time to organize our space to accommodate everything we need and want under one roof. But we live in the real world, and that means getting some help. With so many secure self storage units for rent at reasonable prices around the country, there’s no need to keep tripping over clutter. So look around for one that fits your needs before you get beaned on the head by another falling box.


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