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No matter how much space you have in your home, storage is always an issue. No one likes clutter. Instead of spending your money on custom-designed furniture or cabinetry, do it yourself with these budget-friendly storage hacks.

In the Kitchen

Baking pans

Nothing is quite as frustrating as digging through the drawer under the oven to find the right baking pan. Keep your pans and cooling racks neat and organized by storing them in a cabinet instead. Rather than stacking them on top of each other, use wire racks or vertical dividers to stand your pans upright and keep them separate.


Spice racks take up space, and using a tabletop Lazy Susan to store spice jars is both frustrating and unattractive. To keep your spices out of sight and easy to access, hang drawer organizers on the wall inside the pantry and use them as shelves.

Canned Goods

When cans are stacked in a cabinet or pantry, finding what you need is nearly impossible, and keeping the cans with the latest expiration dates in the back of the cabinet is an unwelcome chore. Instead of stacking cans upright in the cabinet, hang wire racks on an angle so that cans can lay lengthwise. Be sure to choose wire racks with a lip in the front so that cans can roll forward without falling off.


Tired of your fruit bowl taking up space on the counter? Move your fruit to a wall or doorway and make it a conversation piece by hanging decorative garden planters. Hang just one for a mixed fruit bowl, or keep fruit separated in multiple bowls hung on the same wall.

In the Bedroom

Corner Shelf

Maximize the storage space in your bedroom by turning a magazine rack into a corner shelf. Simply turn the rack sideways and fit it into the corner with the opening facing outward. Use the shelf for decorative items, or place it next to your bed to store your cellphone and wallet at night.

Multi-Tasking with Storage Cubbies

Have a small bedroom with limited storage space? Consider using a wooden cube storage unit both for extra storage and as a footboard for your bed. Hide the items inside the cubes with fabric drawers, or simply leave the cubes open.

Bookshelves on the Wall

In a smaller bedroom, a freestanding bookcase may take up more room than it’s worth. Instead of cluttering the room with extra furniture, store books in spice racks hung on the wall to save space. Keep in mind that this hack is best for lighter books, such as paperbacks and thin hardbacks.

In the Bathroom


We don’t all have room for a linen closet in the bathroom, so towels often end up stuffed under the sink. Save storage space and make your towels more accessible by hanging wicker baskets on the wall sideways! With the basket’s opening facing front, you can easily store rolled or stacked towels, hand towels and washcloths inside.

Curling Irons

Curling irons don’t have to be shoved in drawers or left out to clutter your bathroom’s countertops. To keep this tool right where you need it without taking up extra space on the counter, attach a piece of PVC pipe to the inside of a cabinet door and use it to hold the curling iron when it isn’t in use.

Nail Polish

No room for nail polish in the bathroom? You’re not alone. Nail polish is often one of the most difficult cosmetic products to store, and many people find themselves digging through dark, unorganized drawers to find the right shade. Keep your nail polish organized and easy to see by hanging spice racks on the wall in the bathroom. Customize these racks by painting them to match the colors in the room.

Metal Tools and Hair Clips

Tiny items made of metal, such as tweezers, bobby pins and hair clips, often end up lost on the bottom of a drawer because of their size and weight. Solve this problem forever by attaching a small magnetic strip to the inside of a cabinet to hold these hard-to-find items.

Bath Toys

Bath toys can be a storage nightmare, especially if you share a bathroom with the kids. Keep these items off the floor and out from under your feet by placing a shower curtain rod against the back wall of the tub and hang baskets on the rod to store the toys.

In the Laundry Room

Cleaning Products

Most people keep cleaning products in a cabinet or under a sink, where they tend to become disorganized. To save space and keep these items away from the kids, store them in an over-the-door hanging shoe rack.


If you enter the home through your laundry room, you probably have a pile of mismatched shoes by the door. Keep these shoes off the floor and with their mates by installing small shelves on the wall next to the door.

Baskets and Detergent

Get the dirty laundry off the floor by hanging wire shelves above the washer and dryer. Place multiple laundry baskets on the shelves and use them to sort your laundry into loads. You can also use wire shelves to store detergent, fabric softener and stain remover.

Take advantage of these smart storage hacks to save money and enjoy a clutter-free home.


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