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A garage, spare bedroom or a basement; every man needs his own space in the house. The man-sanctuary is a work of art: a once a dingy self storage facility turned into the ultimate refuge for anything and everything man-tastic. Below are some tips on how to set up your man cave without wiping out all the storage space—to keep the woman in your life happy. (Failing that, you could install an extra closet for her, too.)

Wall Mounted Flat Screen

The chances of your man cave not having a lot of floor space is typical. You’ll be setting it up in the unused garage or storage shed, or an extra bedroom being used for storage anyway. In short, you want to maximize as much floor space as possible. You’ll want to attach your TV–which is a given–to the wall. the space otherwise consumed by an entertainment center. You can also mount shelves below it to hold all of the cable boxes, amplifiers and other electronics necessary for all the entertainment needed to complete your ideal man-shrine. This shouldn’t cost more than a few hundred bucks, either.

Air Hockey or Foosball

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Look, we all want a pool table in our man cave, we hear you. But sometimes it’s just not realistic. Pool tables present a number of problems, especially for small spaces. To have a pool table with ample room to play, you’ll need to be extra mindful of space. Pool tables are also expensive and need to be leveled out, which can be difficult. And while there is a mini pool table option, this just isn’t the same as playing on a real pool table. So consider a different but equally fun game, like foosball or air hockey. Foosball tables are significantly smaller in size, but do require some room around them in which to play. Air hockey tables are large in size but as long as there is about enough room to stand on each end, they won’t take up much more room.. A board cut to the size of the surface of the table will instantly transform it into a poker table, as well.

Mini Fridge and a Liquor Table / Bar

A little mini bar with the mini fridge takes up less space than a hulking refrigerator. Yes, the full sized fridge does have its advantages. You can fit more beer inside it -or a full keg–if you feel up to installing one.. That, too it takes up a lot of space on the floor of the man cave. Consider the mini fridge as an option. Here’s why: you’ll only need so much room to keep beers cold and you can always drink liquor. The mini fridge is equipped with an ice box so you can play Tom Cruise in Cocktail, and be the ultimate mixologist. Then you’ll have more room to entertain guests and serve their favorite drinks while watching the game, playing video games or just hanging out.

No Carpets, if Possible

Avoid carpeting your floors, guys. Sure a cool old school carpet will look dope and it might spice up the man cave and provide a sound barrier. But you and your buds might spill beverages and that’s no joke to clean. Leave the floors bare so it’s easy to sweep and mop when there are some serious spills. You’ll thank us for this one in years to come when your Man Cave remains food and drink fragrance-free.

Keep It Cool and Comfy

Converted from a room which was barely used, chances are circulation is poor. Consider installing a ceiling fan if you have enough overhead room or a fan in the corner of the room. Also, add a few floor fans to keep the air circulating at all levels. If there’s a window and you can afford it, install an air conditioning unit. Keeping a man cave cool is much more important than keeping it warm, though if you live in an area with brutal winters, it may behoove you invest in a few small floor heaters.

Sometimes taking your time makes for a better, well-planned room. So be patient and don’t rush your man cave. Whether it will be a dream bachelor pad, shed, music room, den, bar, media room, sports room…you could be escaping to the sanctuary and peace of your man space, kicking back and sipping a beer in no time.

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