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When a person needs to store valuables, there are many factors to consider. In a regular storage unit, temperatures aren’t regulated and the air quality isn’t monitored. While items are protected from rain, snow, and ice, a regular storage unit won’t protect valuables from mold, extreme changes in temperature, and other elements. If you need to store musical instruments, art, high-end clothing, or furs, a climate-controlled storage unit is worth the extra cost. And here’s why:

Keep Items Safe from Temperature Extremes

If you live in an area that gets both very cold and very hot, a typical storage unit won’t protect valuables from these temperature extremes. Paintings, ephemera, some types of jewelry, glass, and furs are all sensitive to these types of temperature changes. Musical instruments are expensive and are very sensitive to temperature changes. To keep instruments in proper working order, they need to be kept in an environment that doesn’t have huge fluctuations in temperature.  Same goes for many consumer electronics. To properly protect these kinds of valuables from changing temperatures, a climate-controlled storage unit is the best option.

Interior Units Are More Secure

Most of the time, climate-controlled storage units are in the interior part of the storage facility. The center of any storage facility is the most secure, and the most desirable for people who need to store personal items that are very valuable. With many units surrounding the climate-controlled area, any potential break-ins will happen to the outside units first.

This isn’t to say that storage facilities aren’t secure, because generally they are. With security cameras and codes to get into the facility itself, storage unit facilities tend to provide adequate security. It’s just good to know that the climate-controlled units are generally in the middle and therefore more secure. It’s nice to have that extra blanket of protection.

Indoor Air-Quality is Monitored

Indoor air-quality is important because of a number of factors. If the temperature changes too rapidly, fragile glass may break. With dampness, mold and mildew can grow and damage furs, clothing, and paper products. Expensive art can get ruined from musty smells caused by mold. Climate-controlled unit help protect against mold.

Storage Time Matters

If electronics, computer equipment, or photography gear need to be stored, a month in a typical storage unit might be fine. But if the items need to be stored for more than a month, a climate-controlled storage unit is necessary. When length of storage time is unknown, it’s smart to store in a climate-controlled unit to avoid any damage to electronics.

Important Documents Can Be Stored Safely

If you’re storing important documents, family photographs, or a collection of antique books, you need a climate-controlled storage unit. Books and photographs are easily ruined when stored in a basement or a storage unit that gets humid. Paper is highly susceptible to mold and mildew. There is no way to get mildew out of paper once it’s there, and a great collection of antique books can be quickly destroyed.

Climate-controlled storage units can be difficult to find as many people who store their valuables understand how important it is to keep them safe from the elements. When you find the right unit, go get it. You’re doing the right thing to keep your  valuables valuable. Spending the extra money might feel burdensome, but you won’t feel that way when it’s time to gather your belongings and everything is just like you left it. That peace of mind is worth the premium.


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