How To Make Your Home Storage Look More Like Art

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Keeping your home organized will not only help you find things easily but will also help reduce your stress. The key to keeping things organized is making sure that everything has its place in your home. Unfortunately, storage bins can be unattractive and plastic bins on shelves are hardly a fashion statement. Thankfully, there are numerous ways to help your home storage look like art and contribute to the aesthetics of your home while keeping you organized.

Colorful boxes and bins

Rather than just purchasing plain rubbermaid bins or plastic totes, consider investing in beautiful fabric bins or baskets in the same color scheme as your home. There are numerous bookshelves for purchase now that have perfect square compartments designed specifically to hold these bins.

Alternatively, gather a large collection of similarly sized cardboard boxes and cover them with pretty wrapping paper or fabric scraps. You can even use a set of boxes of increasingly smaller size to make a tower. Cover them in coordinating colors and display them in a corner of a room. No one has to know they are really for storage.

Use creative vessels to hold your items

If you are accustomed to simply putting things on a shelf or in a closet, consider instead investing in some creative vessels to hold those items. Tall things like straws, markers, and pencils look absolutely lovely in pails. In fact you can store most anything in decorative pails on shelves. If you are feeling ambitious, you can even nail a board to your wall, affix hooks, and hang pails on the hooks. All of your items will be close at hand and look stunning at the same time. You can choose galvanized pails or from an array of colors.

If pails aren’t for you, you can find small, decorated wooden boxes or crates to accomplish the same goal with a more rustic touch.

Display your things

Consider the items that you will be storing and think about finding a creative way to display them instead. For example: if you need to store all your craft paper and materials, instead of tucking them away in a bin, you can put them in creative vessels, then display them in an artistic fashion on a shelf above your crafting desk. Not only will it keep your items accessible but they will be within view so you will be more likely to use them.

If you have an active hobby or are an avid reader, build extra shelves in your rooms so that those items become a part of the decor, rather than hiding them away in a closet.

Buy creative looking bookshelves

Furniture can be an art statement in your home and you aren’t just limited to your couch and chairs. Many designers are coming up with creative, avant garde bookshelves that you could purchase to simply display your books or nick nacks. If you are a traveler and have lots of travel books, there is a bookshelf in the shape of a map of the United States with each state acting as its own box or shelf. Alone, this piece would take up an entire wall, but its artistic and aesthetic appeal makes it well worth the investment.

If you don’t have the budget for a designer bookshelf, consider using a ladder. A wooden ladder screwed into your wall horizontally or vertically will make a rustic and creative art piece, upon which you can store and display many items.

Showcase jewelry or accessories

If you have so much jewelry or so many accessories that you need a storage solution, consider displaying it instead. Hats hung on hooks up a wall vertically can turn a storage problem into a bedroom decoration. A plain bulletin board hung with jewelry will encourage you to wear it, but will also showcase your personality.

Storage solutions don’t have to be ugly or unsightly. With a bit of creativity and some DIY skills you can turn your storage and organization into works of art in your home, de-stressing your mind and beautifying your space.


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