Ingenious Storage Solutions to Try While Spring Cleaning

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Springtime… FINALLY! Time to air out your home and get a-cleanin’!

After a long cold winter, precious little can feel as good as spring cleaning your home. As the sunlight starts to stream in your windows again, take the opportunity to deal with more than just dust. Instead of just cleaning your home, tackle your clutter with these helpful organization and storage tips.


If you make the food, you’ve likely fallen victim to a cluttered kitchen. These storage solutions will help keep your spices and sanity in order.

  • Food storage in a drawer: We all have a pantry or cupboards to store our food, but as you reorganize, think about utilizing baskets or uniformly sized Tupperware to hold snacks or treats in your larger drawers. Spices also fit neatly in a stove side drawer for easy access while cooking.
  • Pot lids on your doors: By placing a few hooks or shorter towel racks on the inside of cupboard doors you can easily place your pot lids on the doors rather than have them piled on a shelf.
  • Use your wallspace: Buy and install a holder on your kitchen wall for foil, plastic wrap, and paper towels. There are numerous styles available and you are sure to find one that matches your home decor. Moving these three things off your counter and out of your drawers will free up lots of space and keep frequently used items close at hand.


Restful sleep requires a clean space, but few areas in the house fall victim to clutter more than the bedroom. Here are some convenient ways to organize your space and free yourself for restful sleep.

  • Donation box: The very first thing you should do when spring cleaning your bedroom is place a permanent donation box in your closet. It seems silly to store things to donate but this will encourage you to get rid of things that don’t fit on a regular basis, provide a compassionate solution to cleaning the closet, and keep your room organized.
  • Jewelry: Chances are pretty good that you or someone in your home has a jewelry box overflowing with tangled necklaces and earrings. Hang a bulletin board over your dresser and hang all your jewelry to rid your valuables of knots. Not only will it be untangled but it will also display your items, making you more likely to wear and enjoy them.
  • Hang things up: If there is space on the wall of your closet, install some hooks or nails. Use those for purses, belts, scarves, etc; anything that would normally clutter a shelf or drawer but can be hung easily.

Linen Closet and Bathroom

Towels and toiletries take up a great deal of space, but few things are more frustrating than a cluttered bathroom. Clear some space and your mind with these handy tricks.

  • Keep your linens together: Once you fold all of a given set of linens neatly, place them in one of your pillow cases. It will keep your closet organized and help you grab a set all at once when you need to make the bed.
  • Clear off that counter: In order to get things off your bathroom counter, you need somewhere for them to go. However, most of these items are probably used on a daily basis and cannot be placed too far out of reach. One great way to have them out of the way but available is to hang mason jars or buckets on the wall. This will keep all your items neatly organized and help your bathroom decor.
  • Wine rack in the bathroom: If you have the wall space, consider installing a wine rack in your bathroom to store clean, rolled-up towels. Your guests will always be able to find a towel plus it will clear out some storage space out of your linen closet.

Spring cleaning isn’t just about dusting and vacuuming; it’s a chance to clear your home and your mind. Take heed of these useful tips, and this spring can be turn your cluttered abode into a peaceful retreat.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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