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crazy chic home designWhile whitewashed walls and brass were huge hits of 2013, this year’s home design trends have plenty of fun to offer and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Interchangeable Accents

Instead of choosing a big statement piece and designing a room around it, designers and home decorators are opting for what they’re referring to as a “chameleon décor,” a more overall neutral décor with the opportunity to change out statement pieces to create different moods in the room from outrageous accent pillows to featured vases for a rotation of exquisite flowers.

Dark and Moody

While the recent trend was whitewashed walls to create a basic and airy atmosphere, in 2014 we’ll see single dark and moody walls creep into the space to create a more dramatic and glamorous experience with a statement wall. And we’re not just talking “dark,” black is the color of choice for a dramatic wall and we’re also seeing a love of deep navy blue. This dark backdrop is perfect for making metallic accessories (another hot trend) pop.


Old pieces are being given new life as Pinterest DIY projects are exploding with plans on how to reupholster old chairs and stain antique tables. For your next home DIY project, look for antique bar carts, 70s style chairs, and knickknacks and items that are bizarre and sure to spark conversation.

Graphics and Prints

While safe and solid colors have been popular in designs over the past few years, we’re seeing and explosion of floral prints and patters on pillows, rugs, and even wallpaper. While one exciting pattern can create a beautiful space, the truly trendy homeowners are mixing patterns for a thoroughly modern look.

Mixing Metals

Gone are the days of matchy-match metals. Now is the time to mix wrought iron, steel, and colors of silver and gold. This trend is just in time as it makes vintage shopping much easier to find the perfect pieces for your room. And this doesn’t stop at metals. You can also expect to see layering of different types of wood and fabrics working in harmony in the same room.

Moving Away from Tiles

 While tile backsplashes in the kitchen will most likely remain popular, we’re seeing a move toward sheet materials such as stainless steel, glass, and stone slabs as a sleek and modern backdrop that’s also easy to clean.

Smart Phone, Smart Home

Home technology has moved beyond the basic security system. While technology systems aren’t necessarily “design,” they certainly set a mood for the room as more and more smart phone users and enabling their phones to control lighting, music, and appliance systems in their homes.


 We’re seeing a return to the wood-panel walls, hardwood floors, and butcher-block kitchen counters as people gravitate toward a more natural and rustic home experience. Different woods provide a rich variety of colors and bring a “warm” factor into any home. And it’s not just the fine-grained, smooth wood we’re looking for. Wood with knots and imperfections are interesting and full of character, and therefore in higher demand. Along with this natural, rustic feel is the desire to create a space that feels serene and spa-like, so this natural wood feel inspires other natural elements to enter the home.

Open Spaces

 While previously rooms were sectioned off to serve their own specific functions, designers are seeing a desire for more open floor plans to allow rooms to seamlessly flow into one another, serving a variety of functions and creating a more inviting feel to the home. The walls are coming down, so break out your sledgehammers and get rid of that divider wall (just check to make sure your home can support itself without it first). Along with this open space comes a rise in the popularity of floating shelves to open up walls and display items as art. We’re seeing this in all rooms of the house, but most notably in the kitchen as designers opt for open shelf spaces to store plates and cups rather than hiding them behind cabinet doors.

Thinking Green

Green energy and water-saving products and appliances are huge for 2014. We’re also seeing a greater love of lots of green indoor plants and garden rooftops for an environmental impact that is also attractive and trendy. And with the return to antiques and the desire for natural, reclaimed wood, we’re thinking 2014 is going to be an overall eco-friendly year as far as home design is concerned.

Window Sheers

Previously popular window drapes now feel droopy and heavy. In 2014 designers are looking to incorporate more light into every room and are using window sheers to create an elegant look throughout the home.

Multigenerational Living

In 2014 designers are seeking to design a home for multi-generational purposes whether it’s for the aging or the young. In 2014, homeowners will look for wheelchair-friendly design with easy-to-access appliances and a home experience that everyone can enjoy.

What are your favorite home design trends of 2014? Any trends you’re especially excited to incorporate into your own home? Tell us your design plans in the comments section below.

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