The 10 Greatest DIY Home Storage Solutions

25 February 2014 by
Save space by using that wasted space underbed!

Save space by using that wasted space underbed!

For space-starved homeowners, the market has plenty of options for taking back square footage, but building your own storage offers solutions and pride that the pre-mades can’t provide. Reclaim your home with these easy DIY storage ideas and you’ll feel like your house has doubled in size.

Furniture Built-Ins

Consider the bookcase in your bedroom and the couch in your living room. One takes up relatively little space but alleviates a great deal of clutter, while the other takes up a great deal of space and usually becomes home to clutter. The fact is, your furniture doesn’t have to be part of the problem. Custom built headboards, storage under the bed, and pockets slung over the arms of chairs can all help add some function to your favorite TV spot, saving space and making your furniture a little more efficient.

Lofted Rooms

We often consider the horizontal space used in the rooms of our homes, but how much attention do we give to vertical space? The footprint of furniture isn’t the only concern for space-savvy homeowners. A lofted area in a basement or garage can become home to office space above, and storage below, de-cluttering the physical area without sacrificing space.

Recessed Shelving

For many, walls are merely the boundaries of our bodies and possessions, but to the sophisticated home organizer, they’re an opportunity to save space. Identify areas of your walls without HVAC, electrical, or supporting studs and turn that empty space into a shelf for books, knick-knacks, etc. The best part about this solution is that it also livens up the physical space. Adding molding or a mirror to the new installation will add that decorative look that turns a blank wall into a conversation piece.

Pullout Bins

When you come home from work, you’re likely greeted by a pile of shoes at the door, and while we rarely consider the efficiency of such an arrangement, the space occupied by shoes on a daily basis is pretty staggering to behold. Turn your cluttered foyer into a welcome space by taking advantage of your wall space to hide the mess. Pullout bins on tracks are easy to install and offer a safe and sanitary place for shoes, boots, and sandals. If the bin gets too dirty, pull it out, wash it, and simply set it back in to keep your solution, your shoes, and your space clean and clear.

Custom Closet Solutions

Unless you’re lucky enough to have received one of those TV makeovers, your closet is likely cause for consternation. Jackets, pants, socks, shoes, sweaters, and sandals all need places to go, and without organization, that place is likely “everywhere”. Transform the morning clutter into a space to be proud of by building custom shelving for your clothing’s home. Include wire or mesh bins for easy laundry storage, and pull out drawers for socks and underwear. Embrace your mess and turn it into a TV worthy wardrobe at little cost and little effort.

DIY Wine Rack

If you’re into wine, then you’ve likely noticed just how much space wine takes up. But it isn’t just wine; corkscrews of all kinds, wine glasses, decanters, etc. all need a place to go, bullying dishes out of your cupboards in order to protect their delicate frame. Instead of bucking your hobby, build a solution using cheap wood and plans found online. A good model will provide room to properly store your bottles sideways and offer hanging-glass storage that won’t compromise counter space.

Concealed Compartments

Sometimes storage isn’t just about fun. Sometimes the most important investment you can make is in your security. While a fire safe and safety deposit box are great protection against disaster and theft, secret compartments can trick sticky fingers altogether. The key is to use your existing space, whether it’s in the floor, in the wall, or in the ceiling, and carefully craft surreptitious doors to hide their true nature. Burglars know where to look when they enter your home, but if they don’t even know what they’re looking at, then you can count your valuables safe.

Reclaimed Space

There’s a lot of awkward, unusable space in homes. Under the stairs, in the corners of kitchens, and tucked away behind structural elements that, while necessary, are hardly conducive to efficiency. Don’t let this space go to waste; reclaim it. Space beneath the stairs can be easily converted into storage for cleaning supplies with a little shelving and elbow grease. Find areas of your home that go simply unused and take control of your space, beating clutter and weird architecture in the process.

Hanging Pots and Pans

The kitchen has been and always will be one of the greatest challenges in home storage. Oddly shaped implements and cumbersome pots make traditional cabinetry ineffective in handling their clumsy configuration. Beat the problem by eschewing cabinets for a hanging rack and your space will clear before you know it. Well-anchored racks for pots and pans utilize the vertical space in your kitchen and free up cupboard space in the process, giving you more opportunities to store what’s necessary, without fighting the form-factor of your utensils.

Magnetic Knife Block

Knives wear many hats: tool, instrument, and nuisance just to name a few. Their dangerous edges and large form often make traditional storage difficult and knife blocks monopolize counter space to a frustrating degree. Again, reclaim space by looking up instead of around. Magnetic knife blocks are easy to install with just a few screws, and place your tools of the trade out of reach of children while reclaiming your counter in the process. Use that extra space for an organizer, recipe box, or vertical spice rack and you’ll wonder where all the real estate in your kitchen was hiding all along.

Clearing your space and your mind doesn’t have to be challenging, and with these projects, it won’t be. Take back your space, use a little home-savvy, and store your possession in smarter ways to turn your cluttered mind into a peaceful one, and your cluttered space into a welcoming one.

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