Storage Auction Win Yields Human Bones

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In what would have been a horrific episode of ‘Storage Wars’, a self storage auction winner in Kentucky won more than he bargained for. Steven Terry bid and won a storage auction for one unit back in October of last year. After going through the contents of the unit, Mr. Terry noticed a few small grocery style bags with what looked like human bones in them. Upon further inspection, Steven found a jaw and some rib bones in the bag.


Steven stated, “I was moving some of them…yellow bad that was rolled up. I told him looked like some bones in there.” A local coroner confirmed the bones were in fact human.

How did all this come to be? How did remains get left behind in a storage unit, how long have they been there and whose bones are they?

Kentucky police believe the remains to be those of Doris Anne Wood, a New Castle County Delaware resident who went missing back in 1997. Robert A. Wood, her husband, rented the Kentucky storage unit up until May 2013 when he passed away. Once he died, the unit went unpaid and then was sold at auction in October when Steven Terry placed the winning bid.


Robert Wood, who had family in Kentucky, presumably moved back to Kentucky and rented the storage unit. In July 1997, Mr. Wood was questioned in his wife’s disappearance but was never arrested or even named a suspect.

Medical examiners in Kentucky and Delaware worked to positively identify the remains. Delaware police were excited they finally cracked a 16 year old cold case even though it ended tragically for Mrs. Woods. At least the family can finally get closure from her death.

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SSF Team

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