8 Creative Storage Ideas for the Kids’ Rooms in Your Home

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8storageideasWhen it comes to keeping a kid’s room clean and organized, it may seem like a pointless or even impossible task. Between getting dressed in the morning, playing throughout the day, and finally reading books before bed, a kid’s room can end up looking like a disaster zone that sometimes seems more hassle to keep tidy than what it’s worth. The secret to keeping kid’s rooms clean is to use a little creativity to make storage and organization feel like fun or seamlessly flow into the playful décor of the room. Once you start experimenting with non-traditional forms of storage, you’ll see how fun and surprisingly easy it can be to keep the kids’ rooms organized. Here are eight creative and kid-friendly storage solutions to get you started.

Garden baskets 

Use garden baskets, usually for hanging plants on the outside of sides of buildings to hold stuffed animals on your kids’ walls. This is an especially useful storage idea for above the bed if your child has too many stuffed animals to fit in bed with them while they sleep, but they still want all of their stuffed animals around them as they sleep.

Use furniture that provides double duty 

The key to organization for kids’ things is to have as much storage space as possible. Many pieces of kids’ furniture these days can be bought with dual purposes, but if you’re not in the market for new items, there’s no reason you can’t improve the storage methods around already existing pieces. Consider creating pullout drawers for under the bed–this can be as simple as sliding plastic storage bins under the bed or creating your own drawers to match the coloring and style of the bed itself to perfectly fit the under bed space. Many kid-friendly chairs and benches can open to provide toy box storage, headboards can provide the dual purpose of bookshelves, and many desk and dressers offer extra shelving options.


A popular storage idea for kids’ rooms are colorful lockers to act as storage for anything from toys to clothing as well as provide a cheerful décor appropriate for young children all the way through teenage years. These lockers are narrow, but maximize on vertical space and provide excellent opportunity to decorate and customize with magnets.

Wall hooks 

Kids’ items are often colorful and beautifully decorated, so there’s no need to completely hide them away for the sake of storage. Neatly display play costumes, backpacks, or hats on coat hooks attached to the walls. Displaying these fun pieces can not only add a decorative element to the room in an easy-to-access location, but it can also free-up closet or drawer space for items that are not so attractive to openly display. You can even hang uniformly decorated tote bags to act as hung storage for socks, changing supplies, or small toys.

Shoe Organizers 

Kids may not have a need for over-the-door shoe organizers for their intended purpose, but these multi-pocket systems are excellent for holding anything from craft supplies, to action figures, to bathtub toys. Hang it over the back of the door or closet door, or attach it to the wall if the organized items can add a pop of color and creativity to the room. Shoe organizers can become anything you want them to be for a small price and can be hung almost anywhere.


Attach clipboards to the wall for a creative way to display crafts and drawings if your refrigerator door becomes too crowded. This is an excellent solution for heavier, popsicle-laden pieces of art, and is an adorable way to fill up a wall of a kids’ room in a neat and organized way as an alternative to unattractively taping pieces to the wall. You can also use the same idea with empty coffee cans to hold craft supplies such as crayons, markers, and chalk. Or, combine the two for a craft wall/area.

Magnetic Strips 

Create a magnetic stripe around the kids’ room for easy storage and display of small toy cars, for hanging drawings, or storing magnetic toys.  Depending on how strong the magnet is, you can even buy additional desk or locker storage pieces that are made for attaching to magnetic surfaces to hold containers for markers, crayons, or mini whiteboards. You could even attach smaller magnets to certain toys or items so that they can be displayed on the magnetic strip, just be careful when using this idea for small children as it can be a choking hazard.

Think dorm-room style 

Kids love bunk beds, and an excellent way to save space and amp-up storage is to give them a college-like loft sleeping space with a bunk bed top that leaves space for a desk or bookshelf underneath. This opens the room for more place space and can help you better section off areas for sleep, play, and reading or study. You could even hang a curtain around the bottom section of the lofted bed and add a freestanding clothes hanger to create a kid-sized changing room or to create a private study or reading space that can double as a fort when it’s playtime.

How do you keep the kids’ rooms organized in your home? What’s the most creative storage solution you’ve seen? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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