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Add another storage owner in the already substantial list of self storage facilities which opted to add solar panels to their buildings. Secure Self Storage, which operates mainly on the East Coast and Canada, will be adding solar panels to one of its Mississauga, Ontario locations this year. The company recently completed a solar panel installation at one of its Delaware locations and plans to do more to its other properties in the future.


Aside from the obvious cost savings, Secure Self Storage is adding solar panels to its Canadian location because of a new Canadian program. The storage company will be taking advantage of the Canada’s Feed-In-Tariff Program (FIT). The FIT Program was launched in 2009 by the Ontario Power Authority and enabled by the Green Energy and Green Economy Act. According to the Power Authority website, the program is designed to “encourage and promote greater use of renewable energy sources including on-shore wind, waterpower, renewable biomass, biogas, landfill gas and solar photovoltaic (PV) for electricity generating projects in Ontario.” The goal is to facilitate the increased development of renewable generating facilities.


The panels will be installed this year and will be attached with a clamping system to the roof of the storage facility while an inverter will be wired to the solar panels. The power generated by the storage facility will be fed to Ontario’s electrical grid which will calculate how much power is used and the result should net Secure Self Storage a monthly check each month for the amount of electricity it generates for itself and neighbors. Let’s hope the OPA doesn’t get as greedy as their American counterparts who are attempting to charge companies for using solar power.

Congratulations to Secure Self Storage for again undertaking a huge project in order to save money in the long term and go green. It will be interesting to see how much power they save and generate for their community and how much money they receive from the OPA each month, if any.

What are your thoughts about going green and adding solar panels to storage facilities? Any storage owners currently thinking of going this route?

SSF Team

SSF Team

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