The Ultimate Guide to Your First Big Move

28 January 2014 by



The idea of packing all your possessions up and moving them and yourself to an entirely new place of living can be somewhat daunting. To ensure that your move is an exciting and likely unforgettable experience, it’s important to be prepared. In the following infographic, we’re offering a number of tips and recommendations that will help you move with ease. We’ll start by outlining what you should do during the pre-move phase (have you set up utilities at your new location?). Next, we’ll explain what a “survival box” is and why you need to pack on in preparation for your move. Then we’ll help you understand what needs to be done during the move and offer a few tips that will help make the process a lot easier (do you have a dolly or hand cart?). Finally, we’ll walk you through the post-move phase and provide recommendations on essential items to buy for your new home.

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SSF Team

SSF Team

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