Self Storage Owner Locks Verizon Employee in Vault

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This is a story you’re most likely to find on a Jerry Springer show. Howard Cook, owner of Westboro Self Storage in Westborough, MA, is facing kidnapping, larceny, breaking into a vehicle and receiving stolen property charges after locking a Verizon employee inside an underground Vault. This actually happened guys!

Apparently Howard went crazy because the Verizon employee did the unthinkable of parking his work truck on the grass of the storage facility. Oh the humanity! The technician was locked inside the vault after Howard yelled and swore at him, took his ladder out of the vault, closed the door and then placed a few large rocks on the vault for good measure. Luckily, the Verizon technician had his phone on him and was able to call the police because the police said the oxygen inside the vault could run out quickly as the vault was sealed tight. When the police arrived, they settled the dispute without any damage and without Howard being arrested.

The vault with rocks used to barricade the employee

The vault with rocks used to barricade the employee

How did Mr. Cook respond to the thought of the Verizon employee running out of oxygen though? Howard didn’t seem to care all that much because he told the cops, “That’s not my problem.”

Ha! Guys, this is insane, right?!

So, the officers straighten everything out and everyone goes home happy but confused, right? Nope. Turns out Howard took the Verizon employees keys and wouldn’t give them back. The Verizon technician had to call the police again and tell them Howard had his keys. Howard, acting like a jealous ex, refused to return the technicians keys and only gave them back once the police showed up at his house demanding the keys back!

Turns out that the Verizon technician has to park his vehicle on surrounding properties when he is out on duty in that area because the road, Research Drive, is a state highway!


Howard Cook, 71, is a 47 year resident of Westborough, MA. He is a former Little League coach, served as President of the local United Way and VP of the Chamber of Commerce. Can you imagine how the Little League practices or games used to be? Do you think he ever tied any kids to the fence after they struck out or made an error? He retired from New England Electric in 1993. His attorney describes him as an upstanding citizen with no criminal convictions. Which, of course he is.

The judge in this case ordered Cook released without bail and ordered him to keep his distance from the Verizon employee for now. Cook was due in court on December 12 but we couldn’t find any updates from that date.

Anyone know how this is proceeding?

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SSF Team

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