The Biggest Storage Spaces In The World

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The Biggest Storage Spaces In The WorldYou may be impressed with the amount of storage your single storage unit can provide for your moving or long-term storage needs, but you might be in shock to hear about some of the incredible storage facilities around the world which offer unique storage options on a tremendous scale. When you think of storage, you may think of unused furniture or out of season items, but people utilize storage for virtually any item you can think of and because of that, there are some pretty large spaces. Here are some of the biggest storage spaces in the world.

Millennium Park Bus Depot, New Delhi, India 

The Millennium Park Bus Depot in New Delhi, India is the largest bus depot in the world. The bus station opened in September 2010 and can house up to 1,000 buses at a time under the shed. The Depot was built originally for the 2010 Commonwealth Games (the third-largest multi-sport even in the world after the Olympic Games and the Asian Games) to house the 600 buses that would be used to transport athletes throughout the games. The structure was built to be temporary for only the Commonwealth Games, but after they concluded, the Delhi Government refused to tear it down and is now in the works to remain a permanent structure. Not only does this bus depot house an unbelievable number of buses, but it also has five parking centers, four underground water tanks for washing buses, and seven dormitories capable of sleeping 500 people.

Smithsonian Museum, Washington D.C. 

The Smithsonian Museum is actually a group of museums and research centers in Washington D.C. It was established in 1846 and now holds over 137 million items, earning it the nickname of “the Nation’s Attic.” The group of museums originally began as one estate owned by James Smithson’s nephew, Henry James Hungerford. However, Hungerford died without offspring to pass his estate and wealth onto, so he left it to the United States of America “under the name of Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.” The Smithsonian doubles as a display of historical objects for the world to see and learn about as well as an excellent place of storage for careful preservation of some of the most fascinating pieces of history. Not everything that is owned by the Smithsonian is on display, which makes this network of buildings one of the most fascinating storage spaces in the world.

Boeing Everett Factory, Everett, Washington USA 

The Boeing-Everett Factory is mainly an airplane assembly building, which is the world’s largest building by volume. Of course, as a factory that produces some of the largest transportation vehicles known to man (more than 80% of the worldwide fleet of planes), this building has some serious storage capacity, 472,370,319 cubic feet to be exact. This building is so large that The Everett Factory actually has its own Fire Department, bank, fully equipped medical support, security force, and water treatment plant and before the air circulation was installed early on in the building’s history, clouds used to form near the ceiling.

Emma Maersk 

The Emma Maersk is the largest container ship ever built, and was constructed in Denmark in 2006. The Emma Maersk is able to hold over 11,000 twenty-foot equivalent units (the common size of a shipping container). In 2006 on her maiden voyage, the Emma Maersk made a Christmas delivery, earning the nickname of S S Santa. In theory, if each of the shipping containers were filled with bananas that fit the capacity of Emma Maersk, it could transport approximately 528 million bananas in a single voyage, which is enough to give every person in Europe or North America a banana for breakfast. Or deliver 11,000 potential homes.

SubTropolis, Missouri, USA 

SubTropolis in Kansas City, Missouri claims to be the largest underground storage facility in the world. Built into bluffs above the Missouri River, this system of underground storage manmade caves is 55,000,000 square feet leases its space to a variety of storage needs including the United Postal Service’s collectible stamp operations and a training and logistics center for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. The underground storage system is ideal for its naturally consistent temperatures as well as its low humidity.

Byholma Sweden 

Byholma Sweden is the site of the world’s largest timber storage. Once an airfield, the area is now an impressive pile of timber with tree trunks stacking 42.6 feet high and 1.24 miles long. The timber pile came into being when hurricane Gudrun struck in 2005 and destroyed 1.5% of Sweden’s forests (that’s 75 million cubic meters of trees). The area has now become a local landmark and is still in use as timber storage for some of the trees from the hurricane to this day.

What is the most impressive or largest storage you have ever heard of or seen? Have you visited any of the places on the list above? Share your experiences in the comments section below.

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