10 Fantastically Creative Storage Ideas for Your Books

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10 Fantastically Creative Storage Ideas for Your BooksA true book-lover knows that at some point, conventional bookshelves are not enough to hold their precious treasures. Books contain special memories and stories that are important to keep and surround ourselves with for times when we need to search their pages for information, truth, and comfort. But if you’ve reached the point where your current bookshelves are already filled to capacity and you can’t party with any of your beloved volumes, here are ten fantastically creative storage ideas for your books that will allow you to hold onto them, and in some cases, display them proudly to add some character to a room.

Recycle an Old Crate 

Mount an old crate on your wall and use the inner storage sections to mix and match stack books, lined books, and other decorative pieces to create a statement piece for your wall and invite a rustic charm into your home. You can also hang a series of smaller crates to create different patterns and spacing along your wall. Hang the crates in the raw form they come in, or paint them different colors to add an artsy element to your walls.


Stack an odd assortment of storage cubes, shelves, and tables to create a seemingly randomly constructed bookcase that exudes the carefree and heavily loved touch of a book lover. Stack books in and around the cubes and tables and surround with photo frames up the wall to add some vintage charm. You can stack a variety of different pieces of drawers, furniture, and boxes to bump up the lovingly absent-minded factor, or create a cleaner look by sticking to one type of item (such as stacking different sizes of antique benches).

Vintage Wagon 

Place a vintage wagon (or the one the kids have outgrown) in the corner of the room to fill end to end with books. This allows a portable storage and a personal touch that can be used to dress up a kids’ room or create a rustic theme.


Instead of covering a traditional staircase, take out the backboards of the steps and fill the space with books to create a book ladder. This is space that is not used anyway and can create a colorful pop and loving touch to an area of the house that is usually overlooked. Consider hiring a professional for this job to make sure the stairs remain sturdy and can still withstand traffic. If you have a wide staircase, consider starting stacks of books at one of the far ends of the stairs to create a colorful wall of books that goes all the way up the ceiling.

Multi-Use Shelving 

Use shelves that can provide other purposes besides storing books for an unexpected pop of literature. Place books over the top of coat hook shelves or on fireplace mantels to fill spaces that might otherwise look bare. Apply this idea to the tops of kitchen cabinets or add floating shelves above doorways.


If your home has a decorative fireplace that doesn’t actually leave a possibility for lighting a real fire, turn it into a fireplace of books. The small cavity of a decorative fireplace is usually about one book’s width wide, which makes it the perfect place to stack your favorites and bring warmth into the room in a unique way.

Unsightly Pipes 

Some old houses and apartments come with heating and water pipes that poke their way out from the innards of walls and threaten the aesthetic of your home. Instead of blocking or ignoring these supposed blemishes, dress them up by adding boards and creating shelves to house your books. However, be careful if the pipes get hot or moist because this storage may look attractively modern, but it could damage your books if something goes wrong.

Floating Brackets 

The floating bookshelf is all the rage, but is also easy to make yourself to dress up a section of wall space. Simply screw in parallel brackets to your wall, stack a sturdy book on top of that, and then continue to stack books upward. The size of the bracket will determine the number of books (weight) it can hold, but depending on the number of books you want to store in this manner, you will probably only need three or four sets of brackets per section of wall.

Don’t Have a Bedside Table? 

Hang a bracket above your bed and tie a ribbon to the end of it. Then, every night when you’re done reading and ready to go to sleep, drape your book over the bracket to hold your spot, and you have a wall-mounted bookmark. Or, take this idea to the extreme and build a gigantic bookshelf for the wall behind your bed that doubles as a literary headboard.


If you have an old painters ladder simply set it up against a wall and place boards on top of its rungs to create and industrial-style bookshelf that can also double as a standing desk (not to mention a complete statement piece for any room). Or, hang an old ladder on the wall on its side and place the books between the rungs for perfect spaces to hold tall and small books alike.

What is your favorite way to store or display your books? Share your creative ideas with us (and DIY tips) in the comments section below.

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