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Ah, Family Guy. The once cancelled and frequently beaten out adult cartoon featuring the Griffin family and their lovable dog, Brian. The show debuted in 1999 after the Super Bowl and was a hit, though came under fire almost immediately due to its content. It was often pitted in time slots against heavy competition (Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Survivor, Friends) and thus, ratings suffered forcing a cancellation after only 3 seasons.

Fast forward a year and Cartoon Network picks up the rights, runs reruns and instantly becomes the top rated program in late night. In 2005, Fox began airing new episodes of Family Guy and the rest is history. Nominated for 12 Primetime Emmy’s, 11 Annie Awards and an Emmy Outstanding Comedy Series, the show is now on top though not without its share of criticism or comparisons to The Simpsons.


We continue our run of storing the contents of iconic TV family homes with the Griffin’s. Peter, Lois, Meg, Chris, Stewie and Brian live in Quahog, Rhode Island. The address is 31 Spooner St and is a 4 bedroom, 1 bathroom, 1 car garage with a basement. It seems odd that a four bedroom house only has one bathroom but we couldn’t find any other bathrooms in the house. Even if the home did have another bathroom it wouldn’t significantly impact the space on a storage unit since it would only be a few additional boxes. Those can be packed and stacked easily, so don’t fret it. The home also has a sun room located on one side of the home. We weren’t sure if the room has ever been pictured in an episode and couldn’t find any pictures of the inside of the room, so we are leaving it out at this point. As is usual, we will run through the house room by room, describe the contents and recommend a storage unit size and price at the end. Follow us to freedom!

First Floor

Living Room:




Walking in the front door of the home, you enter the living room. The room has a couch sitting on top of an area rug. It also has two side tables, two chairs, a TV, entertainment center with a stereo and speakers and a lamp. There are also various pictures and paintings on the wall.

Great Room:


This room isn’t shown much on the show but we did find enough pictures to see it has a couch and an area rug. There are also two side tables, a large chair, a piano, several books, pictures, plants and a larger side table with various small items on it. About the only time this room is shown is when Lois is teaching piano lessons to some poor sap.



The Griffin kitchen has a table with 8 chairs, Stewie’s high chair, a microwave, stove, fridge, pots, pans, dishes and other glassware. For the sake of this exercise, we will assume Lois gets the upper hand on Peter and allows the large kitchen appliances to stay in the home while they find a place that also has appliances.

Dining Room:


The Griffin’s use the dining room for meals when guests come over. Though it isn’t used often, it has a table with 6 chairs and a buffet table. There is also a large painting and a mirror on the wall.

Second Floor

The upper floor houses all 4 bedrooms and the only bathroom we could find in the home.



The master bedroom has a bed, 2 dressers, two side tables, 2 lamps, a TV, a desk with a lamp and a chair, a large hope chest against the wall and several pictures and mirrors. There is also a large closet most likely filled with clothes. Let’s not forget the outfits Peter and Lois like to dress up in during their, ahem, alone time.


Meg’s Room:


Meg has a bed, dresser, side table, two lamps, a desk with a chair, a large hope chest, an area rug, several throw pillows and a mirror. That’s it. There is nothing else here…move along.

Chris’s Room:


Chris has a bed with an area rug, a side table with a lamp, a desk and a chair, a dresser with a fish tank on it and several pictures and pennants on the wall. Chris also had (has) an evil monkey living in his closet but we will assume the monkey chooses to stay in the closet and not pack up with the family. He may choose to leave at some point considering all the bad memories but at this point the monkey stays.


Stewie’s Room:


Stewie has a crib, dresser, small table with four chairs, a small dresser, another smaller dresser with a lamp, books, blocks and other various toys. We aren’t going to get into the whole Stewie time machine thing. Yes, he has one, he built it and it’s boss. If he takes it with him, the family then knows he has a time machine and things get crazy. He can’t just leave it behind because someone else could find it. We propose he destroys it and builds a new one. He already built one, how hard can it be to build another? Not to mention, the family would probably need a different moving truck and a huge storage unit to keep the thing. BOOM! It’s destroyed.




The bathroom is typical with toiletries, towels, beauty products, hair dryers etc. Nothing out of the ordinary in there.




The basement is mostly used for storage but does have a fairly large bar as well. The bar contains several bar stools, booze, glassware and some pictures.

The Wrap


Seth McFarland made up the town of Quahog but did base it off of a real town in Rhode Island, reportedly Cranston.

Based on the information we have for each room in the Griffin house, we recommend the Griffin’s rent a 10 x 20 storage unit for their 4 bedroom, 1 bath residence. This size unit will give Peter and the family enough room to properly pack up all of their stuff while giving Meg enough room to squirm around the storage unit should Peter need a package of bologna he left in a box in the back of the unit. The Griffins will need a climate controlled unit to protect all of their possessions because it gets wicked cold in Rhode Island during the winter. A 10 x 20 climate controlled unit will cost about $200 per month. Peter will probably try to get the unit for cheaper and may send Quagmire in to sexually harass schmooze the storage manager for a better deal or he may even fight the manager himself, ultimately leaving him in jail. That would be an interesting episode!

SSF Team

SSF Team

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