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Dexter is a Showtime original program centered on Michael C. Hall as Dexter. The show aired from 2006, ran 8 seasons ending in September of 2013 and was widely critically acclaimed during its time on air. The show was nominated for four straight Primetime Emmy nominations for Best Drama Series in its first four seasons on air. The Season 4 finale drew a record breaking audience for Showtime and the Season 8 premiere was the most watched Dexter episode ever.

Over 8 seasons, Dexter became America’s favorite serial killer. The show focused on Dexter, a Miami Police blood splatter analyst who also leads a double life as a serial killer, hunting down criminals who slipped through the cracks of the justice system. The show was immensely popular and gained a cult following. The series finale drew the largest overall audience in Showtime’s history even though many people consider it a letdown on par with The Sopranos finale.


In nearly every episode, Dexter is shown in his apartment. This is his sanctuary, where he keeps his killing tools and the blood slides of his victims. We are huge Dexter fans at Self Storage Finders and wanted to see how large of a storage unit Dexter would need if he wanted to pack up and move to say…the Pacific Northwest for a while.

Discovering all the contents of Dexter’s apartment was fairly easy. He has a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment located in Miami. There was a bit of confusion on our end because during the middle of the series Dexter has a child of his own which stays with him. There isn’t any room for his kid in the apartment, yet he is always there. Maybe Dexter downsized the bathroom and made the hallway and part of the bathroom into a room? We aren’t exactly sure, so this will focus on his apartment as it was before Harrison arrived.

The details and contents of each room are listed in below. Let’s mill around Dexter’s apartment and see how much storage space he is really going to need.



Dexter’s apartment has an open floor plan, so once you walk in you are essentially entering his office. His office flows into his living room to the rear or to his kitchen on the left. The office has Dexter’s desk, 2 chairs, a lamp, a stereo and some open bookcases. On the bookcases he has pictures and books. On the wall in the office he has a window air condition unit which holds the blood slides he collects of his victims. He spends a good deal of time in this area of his apartment and doesn’t let anyone near the air conditioner for obvious reasons. Dexter also does a lot of research on his victims while sitting as his desk working on the laptop.




The kitchen is a typical kitchen you would find in any apartment. It has a stove and a fridge which he would leave in the apartment should he decide to move. In addition, he has pots, pans, glassware, dishes, utensils and a coffee maker.



The bedroom has a bed, a chair, 2 side tables, a lamp, his dresser and a closet full of clothes and shoes. Also in the bedroom is a treadmill which gets plenty of use. In Dexter’s closet is a big secret as well. No…it’s not an Armani suit. We are talking about the chest he has for all of his killing tools and his “get out of town quickly” bag – ya know, in case someone is really onto him.



The bathroom is simply a bathroom – toiletries, towels, shaving gear – and has all the stuff that makes a man a MAN! Really, it’s just a bathroom…nothing exciting.

Living Room

DCF 1.0

Dexter’s living room has a large rug which lays under a couch and 2 chairs. In addition, there are a few side tables, lamps and a TV stand with a TV. Dexter didn’t have much in his apartment before Harrison, mostly because he only used the apartment to sleep, on the rare occasion he slept.

The Wrap


With the above details, we recommend Dexter get a 5 x 15 or 10 x 10 storage unit for his 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom apartment. A 5 x 15 unit is probably large enough but not all storage facilities have this size available. This unit should be plenty big for Dexter to pack properly and keep all of his stuff secret and away from prying eyes. He will most likely need a climate controlled storage unit since he is moving to the Pacific Northwest and we are told it gets cold and snowy up there in the winter. A climate controlled unit this size will cost about $80 per month which should be well within Dexter’s budget. Dexter most likely won’t use discounts, coupons or credit cards to purchase the unit. He is meticulous and obviously paranoid about being found out for what he truly is. He will pay on time each month, most likely with cash and some donuts for the storage manager. What a guy!

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