7 Creative DIY Christmas Decoration Ideas for Your New Home

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Christmas decoration made of conifer and candlesIf you have just moved into a new home, decorating for the holidays may not be a very high priority on your long list of things to do. But decorating your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be a complicated affair. There are plenty of inexpensive, simple, and tasteful DIY decoration ideas you can put up quickly just from materials you already have or that may be in your own backyard. Don’t skip out on the holiday cheer this year just because you feel too busy as it is settling into your new home. Take time with your family to transform your new home for the holidays with these seven creative DIY Christmas decoration ideas:

Christmas Ornament Shadow Box 

Don’t have enough room in your new place for a tree or cannot handle the hassle of getting one and setting it up while settling into your new place? Give that box of ornaments a workout anyway by creating easy and festive shadowbox pieces to hang on the walls. Fill shadowboxes with ornaments, organizing them by color, theme, or however you’d like. This is a simple, clean, and classy décor that will make your new space feel festive but clutter-free. Bonus: add cut out letters or paint the glass to create holiday-themed words such as “joy,” “ho-ho-ho,” or “let it snow.”

Wineglass candleholders 

Can’t find your holiday candleholders since the move? No problem! Simply place wine glasses upside down and place candles on top of the upside down base. Dress up the wine glasses by placing ornaments underneath the upside down wine glass for an instant classy and festive décor. Or, if you don’t want to give up your glassware to decoration, consider picking up some cheap wine glasses from the discount store and using them as the base for your candles instead.

Greenery basket 

If you do choose to get a tree, or even if you don’t but want to go along with a friend, spend your time at the Christmas tree lot picking up discarded evergreen tree branches. When you get home, place your branches in a wicker basket and tumble them with a string of Christmas lights. This is a free, easy, and cozy-rustic piece of décor that you can place on the floor or on an end table. However, make sure you use a string of lights that doesn’t overheat and that doesn’t have exposed wires because dried out tree branches can present a fire hazard.

Turn your existing chandelier into a winter decoration 

Spray-paint or dust glitter on pinecones and hang them upside down from your existing chandelier to create a rustic, natural, wintery look. Encourage your kids to go outside and collect the pinecones for your project. Amp up the look by weaving evergreen branches through the chandelier to create a wintery look by bringing the outside in. Warning: do not allow branches or pinecones to touch light bulbs.

Use wrapping paper to dress up cabinets and doors 

Find your favorite holiday wrapping paper (or one that’s on sale at the corner store) and cut pieces to fit the panes of doors and cupboards and use double-sided tape to attach the paper to the surface. Be sure to keep extra paper on hand in case you have to do touchups throughout the holiday season. You can also apply this technique by placing the wrapping paper under glass tabletops to transform your plain surfaces into holiday décor without cluttering them with too many other Christmas decorations.

Winter twigs 

Collect fallen twigs from outside (another great activity for the kids) and spray-paint them white. Place the sticks in a large vase for an instant wintery look. Feel free to add red ribbon or hang ornaments on the twigs as well, or add a few evergreen branches to the bouquet. This is an especially useful decoration if you typically have vases of flowers in your home throughout the rest of the year, but have been struggling to come up with a season-appropriate arrangement to fill those empty spaces.

Cranberry tea light centerpiece 

Fill a glass decorative bowl halfway with water and add cranberries and floating tea lights for an instant holiday look. Set the bowl on top of a bed of evergreen branches to boost the color. Or, skip the water and tea lights and fill the bowl with cranberries and a string of white Christmas lights for a similar effect.

What are you favorite DIY Christmas decoration solutions? What did you do to make decorating your home simple for the holidays after a big move? Share your tips in the comment section below.

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