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From the late 1990’s until the mid 2000’s women everywhere were glued to their TV sets each week anxiously awaiting the upcoming episode of Sex and the City. Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda kept fans laughing, crying and anticipating each week by talking sex, dating and relationships all while keeping their relationship together.

The series was famously shot in New York and included many popular landmarks and even turned a few other establishments mainstream along the way. Sex and the City ran 6 years, covering 94 episodes and was nominated nearly 90 awards and won 18, including 7 Emmys, during that time. There were two movies which spawned after the show was concluded and a prequel series which airs on TV now. To say the show was popular is understating the facts.


We decided to take a deeper look into Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment and see how large of a storage unit she would need should she decide to move around New York a bit. Carrie’s front stoop prominently features in many scenes in the show, as does her apartment so it was fairly easy to gage the amount of items she owns. On the show, she is depicted as living on the Upper East Side, even though the real building is in the West Village at 66 Perry Street, New York.

Follow us as we venture through Carrie’s 1 bedroom, 1 bath apartment.



Walking into Carrie’s apartment, it can be a bit overwhelming. There is a side table next to the door with a lamp on it and on the other side there is a large bookshelf with hundreds of books and magazines. There is one rug and a couple of paintings as well. The foyer is organized but looks messy. There is no doubt that the person who lives here deals with words on a daily basis as they are literally everywhere. There are even stacks of books and newspapers in bags under the side table.



Mostly for show as Carrie doesn’t cook.

Moving through the foyer we enter the kitchen. It is a small area with a stove, refrigerator, cook books and a coffee pot in the open. There are pots, pans, utensils and glassware as well, though Carrie doesn’t cook so most of it is just for show. The kitchen has an eclectic assortment of various glasses Carrie picked up from her nights out on the town and the fridge is plastered with pictures and photos. Of course there are also pictures, more magazines and takeout menus lying around the countertops and table. The takeout menus get read much more often than any of the cookbooks in this apartment. (We are assuming Carrie is leaving the stove and fridge behind when she moves since this is an apartment.)

Living Room:


Past the kitchen, we continue to the living area. This room has a few chairs, a circular table, a large rug, several lamps and a longer side table. The circular coffee table is full of books and magazines and has an ashtray overflowing with cigarette butts.



Directly off the living room is Carrie’s bedroom. The bedroom has Carrie’s bed, a side table with a lamp, a desk and chair, another larger chair, shelving with books and magazines, various pictures and paintings, a foot bench(?) at the end of her bed and a rug. Notice the radiator doubling as a shelf for other books and a lamp. That’s utilizing quality space!



Carrie’s closet is nearly as long as her kitchen and appears larger than her bathroom. There are obviously loads of clothes, shoes, a lamp, pictures, purses and boxes galore. She might need 2 storage units, one simply for all of her clothes and shoes. Carrie appears too busy to arrange her products and shoes in an orderly fashion and prefers the “leave them where they fall” method. For a guy, all of these clothes and shoes seem excessive. For a woman, this is heaven.



Through the closet we find the bathroom. Carrie’s toiletries, hair dryer, straightener, makeup and other hair and makeup products are scattered about. There are also clothes, shoes and boxes lying in the bathroom. The sink and tub are adorned with beauty products as well.

The Wrap


Throughout Carrie’s apartment there are boxes, bags and hangers from stores she’s bought clothes and shoes at. In addition, all of the furniture in her apartment has a flea market type feel with weathered paint, mismatched chairs and tables and old fabrics. This seems odd as she almost always wears designer clothes and dresses even though her apartment looks messy and old.

Based on the information above, we compared several storage units near the Upper East Side in order to determine how much it would cost Carrie to store all the contents of her 1 bedroom apartment.

We recommend Carrie rent a 10 x 15 storage unit for her 1 bedroom apartment. This will give her enough room to properly stack all of her furniture, clothes, shoes, magazines and books. Even though many of her hundreds of magazines are old, she would probably want to keep them for sentimental or writing purposes. Looking at her apartment, it is hard to believe Carrie will pack her storage unit and belongings properly. Her boxes would most likely be a mess with clothes and dishes put in the same boxes, unless she had a professional help her which is entirely possible.

We found renting a storage unit on the Upper East Side to be fairly expensive. The storage unit will likely cost around $310 per month, though depending upon the time of year, Carrie might be spending a bit less as she wouldn’t need a climate controlled storage unit as she does in the Winter. Carrie probably wouldn’t mind paying full price on a storage unit but she could most likely find some savings by reserving a unit online or renting from a storage facility she was referred to. Seems like a good deal to us!

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