6 Fun Things to Do With Old Moving Boxes

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Beautiful mother with childrenWe all know that the process of moving usually involves using many boxes. These boxes usually arrive, are unpacked, and at the end of the trip are still fairly well intact. Instead of breaking them down to recycle, these boxes can be gold mines for potential crafts and other more practical uses (including storage for out-of-season or rarely used items). In the following article, we’re introducing six fun and creative uses for your old moving boxes.

Create a puppet show or TV box 

Let your kids make up their own show or television program but cutting open one side of the box to create the “screen” or “stage.” Get creative by adding a curtain and sock puppets with buttons for eyes and yarn for hair or by adding TV dials and a remote control.

Build the ultimate fort 

When you’re a child, there is nothing better than a great fort. If you have old boxes piling up around the house or in the garage, consider collecting and stacking them up to build an impressive castle or fort for your kids. Create “caves” out of the larger boxes and string Christmas lights inside to create a fun hangout. Or create mini houses out of each box to build a “village.” Use the flaps as doors. You can also create play kitchen appliances or set up a play store using boxes as counters, stoves, tables, etc.

Make a homemade bulletin board 

Cut a side of the cardboard box to the size you wish your bulletin board to be. Use old newspapers to lie on top of the cardboard (cut them to the same size) to create the padding and place a few sheets of white paper on top of the newspaper so it doesn’t show through. Then, use an old piece of fabric (t-shirt, pillowcase, etc.) to place on top of the paper and wrap around to glue or staple on the back side of the cardboard, pulling tight. Dress the board up with ribbon if you wish and glue or staple a string on the back of the cardboard to hang the bulletin board. Use pushpins to hang pictures, to do lists, or notes.

Create a laptop desk for coloring in the car 

This is a great project for coloring on long family road trips. Tape a moving box closed and use a box cutter to cut out parallel sides and the bottom of the box so it can fit over your child’s lap (maintain 4 “legs” of the box so it can sit steady). Cut a piece of poster board to fit the top and cover with clear contact paper. Glue it to the top of the box. Consider using cardboard scraps to glue onto the bottom edge of the desktop to create a lip so that markers don’t roll off. Decorate as you wish. Consider using an old cereal or snack box to attach to the side of the desk as a holder for pencils, coloring books, and markers.

Make a photography light box 

Cut out the bottom of a moving box and cut out “windows” in the top, left, and right sides of the box (the front of the box is the flap end and the back is the other flap end, taped closed). Tape white contact paper or tissue paper over the “windows” of the box to filter and soften light. Use a long piece of white poster board to create an “infinity sweep” of background to bottom look by attaching it to the top of the back of the box and allowing it to curve down along the bottom. Change your light sources around and outside of the box to create different levels of brightness and shadow.

Unfold the boxes to create giant art murals 

There are few times when kids get to color outside the confines of an 8- by 11-inch piece of paper. Let their imaginations go wild. Unfold the biggest box and tell them that it is theirs to create a mural. Hang the cardboard up on the garage wall (just in case they accidentally color “outside the lines”) and let your kids go crazy. Consider using this as a lesson to teach your kids what a mural is and how they usually tell stories of events in history. Ask them if they would like to paint a mural telling the story of your family’s move. Hang the mural in the kids’ room to showcase their work.

How do you re-use old moving boxes? Do you repurpose them into something fun or practical? Do you donate them to another cause? Give us ideas in the comments section below.

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