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For musicians trying to make it on their own, life is hectic, stressful, fast paced and rewarding. Scheduling a practice or gig is a hassle in itself, let alone trying to find good, reliable musicians to show up and practice when the time is available. Another issue is finding a place to rehearse which wont involve the police being called on you for being too noisy.

Most of the time rehearsals are in a one room bedroom, in the basement of your buddy’s place or in your garage. All of these are OK, not ideal and can cause some concern for neighbors who just want things quiet. Noise complaints are just another part of being a struggling musician. One way to rid your band of noise complaints, aside from playing great music, is to rent a self storage unit to practice in.

The past two decades has seen and explosion of self storage facilities around the country. Finding a local storage facility which will allow you to practice with your band will not be difficult. Simply ask the storage manager if there are any objections or concerns with your band practicing in the storage unit. Some storage managers may have restrictions, such as the time you practice or the amount of electrical equipment you have, but they should allow you to practice none the less.

Some key things to look for when searching for a storage facility to practice at are:

Reserve Online

Search through an online self storage finder to find self storage facilities near you. Sort amenities you will need and be sure to ask the storage manager if it is acceptable to practice in the storage unit. Many storage facilities will have discounts for booking online.

Rent Climate Controlled

If you are going to be storing your instruments in the storage unit, be sure to rent a climate controlled storage unit so the instruments do not get damaged. A regular storage unit is subject to temperature fluctuations which can damage your gear. Amps, guitars, drums and keyboards should be kept in pristine condition and a climate controlled unit is the only way to preserve them.

Do Your Research

Be sure the storage unit has outlets and that they are in a position where you can all plug in and be comfortable practicing. Should you not rent a climate controlled unit, you could plug a heater into the outlets and stay warm while you practice.

When Can You Jam

Figure out the best time to practice, ask the storage manager if they are any restrictions and if it is in your best interest, rent a storage unit which is open 24 hours. It would be a pain if you found a great storage facility but couldn’t jam when it was most convenient for your band. Ask questions and be sure everyone is on the same page.

Do You Need Wi-Fi

Most storage facilities should have Free Wi-Fi access which should be beneficial to your band as well. Internet access will allow you to connect to Itunes or jam away while comparing your band to the Beatles.

These tips should allow your band to practice in peace without the fear of noise complaints from neighbors. Make sure to get approval from the storage manager prior to renting a unit, setting up shop and blasting away. Simply showing up and playing your tunes won’t go over well if the storage facility wasn’t aware and onboard.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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