Self Storage Advice For First Time Renters

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Millions of people use self storage units every year. There are various reasons to use self storage from moving, getting married, divorced or just having too much stuff. Below are some helpful tips and advice for those of you thinking about renting a storage unit for the first time.

What’s Going in the Storage Unit

    • It is easiest to make a list of what is going in the storage unit and then label each box you place in storage. This way you know immediately what is in each box. For even further ease, create a drawing of where each of your items is located in the unit.

How Much Space Do You Want

    • Do you want to shove everything in a smaller storage unit and pack it floor to ceiling or can you afford to rent a slightly larger storage unit and be able to move around in the unit? A larger unit will allow you to make small pathways in order to walk to the back of the unit and access your items.

Do You Need Drive Up Access

    • A storage unit with drive up access makes it much easier to load and unload your items straight from your car instead of having to walk all of your possessions to the unit.

Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage

    • Items like electronics, art, fur, antiques, wine and musical instruments should be placed in a climate controlled storage unit because they can be ruined with temperature and moisture fluctuations. For people in Southern, Midwestern and Eastern states it is a good idea to rent climate controlled units because humidity, heat, cold and moisture can ruin about anything you keep in storage for extended periods of time.

Have Your Own Lock

    • Purchase your own lock – anywhere from $15-$100 – that way you know your items will be safe and secure. A good lock can go a long way.

Check on your Possessions

    • Stop by the storage unit and check your stuff every so often. This way you can be sure all of your items are still there and there isn’t any damage to the unit such as water or mildew.

Comparison Shop

    • With the explosion of storage facilities and the internet it is simple to comparison shop for a good deal on a storage unit. Online self storage aggregators, like, allow you to research, analyze and rent self storage units with a few simple steps. Some facilities will give you a month free, free truck rental and other extras.

These storage tips for first time renters should aid you in your search for a storage unit. Be sure to check for everything self storage. With thousands of self storage facilities listed nationwide, there is sure to be a local storage facility for you.

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SSF Team

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