5 Strategies That Will Help You Sell Your Home Faster

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Modern interior. 3D renderSelling your home can be a stressful and painful process. Depending on the housing economy and on the conditions of your home, you may be struggling to attract potential buyers and reel in offers. Although it is ultimately up to the location, size, and style of your house and how that compares to the buyer’s preferences, there are a few things you can do to make your home more buyable. Here are five strategies that will help you sell your home faster:

De-clutter, De-personalize, and De-pet 

You may think that keeping knickknacks, kid-friendly items, and dog toys around creates charm and shows the versatility of your home, but you don’t want to risk turning a potential buyer off because they don’t like pets, children, or your sense of whimsical décor. Go for simple and sleek. Create open spaces and cut down your decoration. It may feel bland to you, but it has a higher potential of appealing to more people. A good rule of thumb is to store about 1/3 of your belongings when showing your home (consider self storage to make this easier). Keep furniture and basic décor, but get rid of anything that looks too much like storage or could be considered clutter. Not only will this make your house cleaner, but also it will create more open space to make your open look bigger, more open, and more welcoming. Give your rooms a fresh coat of neutral paint. You might be into the bold color you chose for your living room, but a potential buyer may not and will see painting over it as a pain.

Showcase house’s best features 

Do you have gorgeous built-ins, a stunning fireplace, or gorgeous wooden floors? Accentuate your home’s best features. Position furniture to draw the eye to the best features in your home and roll up those area rugs to let that rustic wooden floor show. Don’t be afraid to completely rearrange your home to make certain features pop.


The perfect lighting makes all the difference in the world when trying to create an attractive space. For showcasing your home, more light is better. Take down heavy drapes or curtains to get the most natural light as possible into your home. Add more lamps and change the bulbs for a brighter option. Consider adding lights to closets or built-ins to lighten up corners and shadows or under-the-cabinet lighting to make your kitchen counters shine.

Focus on the kitchen 

When people are searching for a new home, the make or break room is most often the kitchen. Kitchens are the source of nutrition and entertainment when guests are over, so a nice and updated kitchen is key. Don’t make huge and expensive renovations to attract buyers because you might not make your money back, but simply re-staining cabinets, updating knobs or handles on drawers, or re-tiling your backsplash can make a huge impact. Keep the counters clear and keep minimal décor, and (if you don’t have them already) consider installing nice stainless steel appliances—they tend to make your kitchen look more expensive and chic.

Have your home available, but make yourself scarce 

The more opportunities you leave available for potential buyers to view your home (especially outside the typical 9-5 workday), the more opportunity you create to make a sale. If you are listing your home online, provide high quality photos and even a simple video walkthrough to further intrigue potential buyers. Keep in mind that this means you have to be extra on top of your game to keep your home clean and presentable at all times. You want to make your home available for people to view, but you want to make yourself scarce when people come to view it. Seeing the current homeowner during the walkthrough makes potential buyers uncomfortable. Consider staying with a friend for a few days or weeks while you are selling your home to keep your home clean (because you won’t be living in it) and to not get in the way of potential buyers.

Follow these tips and you should set yourself – and your home – apart from the crowd. Happy selling!

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SSF Team

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