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Chicago is one of the largest cities in the United States. Trying to get around the city during rush hour is a nightmare. Between the millions of people, constant construction, crazy drivers and inevitable snowstorm it’s a wonder people get around at all. Those of you who live in the suburbs but work in the city know exactly what I’m talking about. Going downtown on the weekend isn’t as bad but it’s still a struggle. Why do we make the drive? Because the city is awesome and there is so much to do. The shops, restaurants, museums and history of the city are all worth seeing.

The history of Chicago can’t be told without mentioning some of the many prestigious Universities. There are dozens of colleges in the city of Chicago. There are Community and Senior Colleges, four year Universities, Graduate schools and specialized schools. Below we outline several of the major educational and historical colleges in the city. Whether you are planning on going to school in Chicago, already do or simply stumbled upon our blog by accident pay attention and maybe you can learn something new today.

Community Colleges

Malcolm X College: Malcolm X College was the first of the City Colleges in Chicago. It is a 2 year school located on the West Side of the city and is aligned with healthcare and industry partners to provide students a start in the healthcare fields. Its main corporate partner is Rush University Medical. The school was created in 1911 and later changed names in 1969 in honor of the civil rights advocate.


Richard J Daley College: This is another 2 year community college and was founded in 1960. It is located in West Lawn on Pulaski Rd and was renamed in 1977 to honor the late Mayor.



Northwestern: This private four year university is probably Chicago’s best known. It was established in 1851 in Evanston, along the shores of Lake Michigan and has nearly 8,500 undergrad students. The school is in the Big Ten Conference, has one of the largest university endowments in the U.S., and is a first tier research university. Northwestern is also known for its schools of journalism, management, engineering and communication.


University of Chicago: U of C was established in 1890 and currently has about 12,500 undergrad students enrolled. This is another private research university and is constantly ranked among the World’s top 10 Universities. The main campus is 211 acres and 7 miles south of downtown Chicago. The awards of the faculty and the University itself are too long to list but know the University has 49 Rhodes Scholars 9 Fields Medalists and played a major role in development of the world’s first man made, self-sustaining nuclear reaction. Quite distinguished.

Roosevelt University: Another 4 year, private university in the city. It was founded in 1945 and is named after both President Roosevelt and his wife. The curriculum is based on principles of social justice and enrolls about 4,200 undergrad students. It was also recently ranked as one of the most diverse private universities in the U.S. The downtown campus is on Michigan Avenue, just a few blocks from Magnificent Mile.


DePaul University: Yet another 4 year, private university in Chicago. DePaul was founded in 1898 and sits in the Lincoln Park neighborhood. It is the largest catholic university and one of the 10 largest private universities in the U.S. The university places special emphasis on recruiting students and others from disadvantaged backgrounds and enrolls nearly undergrad 16,500 students. DePaul is a major program in Division 1 basketball and play in the Big East Conference..

Graduate Schools


John Marshall Law: A law school located in the heart of the city, the Loop. Founded in 1899, the school became accredited by the American Bar Association in 1951 and now offers programs for both part-time and full-time students. Enrollment is about 1,900 students and the bar pass rate is at 89%. Prestigious indeed.

Lake Forest School of Management: This school is located on the North Side of Chicago and is a private, non-profit school. It opened in 1946 as a response to a business need as a shortage of management executives left the local industry in need of leadership. This is a grad school and is run as a business by 3 local businesses. High performance, employee centric culture and commitment to customer intimacy are crucial to day to day activities.

Specialized Schools


Rush Medical: Rush is the private medical school of Rush University and was one of the first medical colleges in the state, founded in 1837. The school is notoriously difficult to get into with an acceptance rate of only about 4%, yet it ranks as one of the top 10 medical schools in the U.S. The school has roughly 530 students during any year.

American Academy of Art: The art school is located in downtown Chicago and was founded in 1923. It offers a four year degree with enrollment of nearly 500 students. It is a private school founded to train students for careers in commercial and fine art.

With so many colleges, students and businesses in the downtown Chicago area, extra space is limited. Luckily there are nearly as many self storage facilities downtown as there are Universities. Should you need more room for your belongings, consider renting a Chicago storage unit. They are an affordable, easy way to keep possessions safe and secure while you’re cramming for finals.

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