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The "Cigarette Eater Meter"

The “Cigarette Eater Meter”

Many companies say the right things in the media and papers but who really knows if what they are saying is true? Are they really putting their money where their mouth is or just talking to get the good press and publicity? Bill Gates, Warren Buffett and Toms Shoes are examples of people and companies who back up what they say and their philanthropic efforts do not go un-noticed. There have been many other examples in the self storage industry where companies continue to do the right thing in their communities and another recently came to light.

Bellam Self Storage and Boxes in San Rafael, CA pledged $1,000 to a city beautification project which benefits the local chapter of the St. Vincent de Paul Society. The Society is a non-profit dedicated to helping the needy and to feed the homeless. The San Rafael Clean Coalition initiated the project and involves a public art piece called the “cigarette eater meter”. The meter is designed as a receptacle for cigarette butts and has been working great thus far. One cent will be donated to the St. Vincent de Paul Society for every cigarette butt collected.


St. Vincent de Paul Society

So far in the first three months the meter has stood in the city plaza, citizens and volunteers have collected nearly 50,000 cigarette butts. Carla Koop, coordinator for San Rafael’s volunteer program said, “We just hit the halfway point, so we’re really excited about the progress.” An anonymous donor has offered to match the $1,000 Bellam Self Storage donation once the meter hits 100,000 butts.

Once the 7 foot meter is filled, the discarded cigarette butts will be sent to TerraCycle in New Jersey. The company collects difficult to recycle products and repurposes them. Carla Koop is also excited about the buzz the project is generating in other cities and organizations. Koop stated other municipalities have expressed interest in borrowing the meter in order to launch their own collection programs.


Bellam Self Storage

Bellam Self Storage and Boxes is a Bay Area Certified Green Business according to the companies website. This means none of this is new for this storage company. They are continually doing the right thing and trying to better their community everyday. The website states, “As a business, we have decided to help keep San Rafael litter free. We regularly walk our block of Bellam Boulevard, Anderson, Simms Street and pick up improperly discarded trash on the street, in bushes and in the alley. We have made every effort to enlist our business neighbors in this endeavor, a commitment to keep our block litter free.” Among its other green initiatives are efficient use of lighting, solar panels, environmentally friendly paint and insulation, low flow toilets and a strict policy against storing hazardous materials in their storage units.

Keeping it clean

Keeping it clean

Well, congratulations to Bellam Self Storage for making San Rafael a better place to live and for doing more than their share. Keep spreading the word and we will do the same. Are there any other storage companies in your area which keep it real by practicing what they preach and help the community in which you live? We’d love to hear about them!

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