Why More Businesses Are Using Storage Units

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documents and file foldersStorage units are known as popular tools for individuals during a move, renovation, or simply for storing rarely used personal belongings. However, more and more businesses are turning to storage units as resource for commercial needs. Here are some reasons why more businesses are using storage units and why you should hop on the bandwagon and use them too:

Save money.

If you are running out of space in your current business lease, instead of budgeting for a larger, more expensive space that locks you into a year-long (or more) commitment, consider using a storage unit. The cost per square footage of storage space is much less than that of commercial space (up to 60% less per month), and you have much more flexibility as to how long you want to rent your unit for and when you wish to change to a different size of unit. Open up your working space without moving to a new location simply by moving some of your supplies, tools, or inventory to a storage unit. This is also useful for Internet business owners or contractors who run businesses out of their homes or do not necessarily need an office or retail space, but do not want to store their materials in their personal space. Bonus: you can keep a storage unit for years or just one month, so you can invest as much or as little time and money in a storage unit as your business allows.

Storing seasonal inventory and equipment.

If your business simply does not have the warehouse space for out-of-season inventory or equipment, using a storage unit can be a great way to avoid crowded storage space and also serve as an organizational tool for your company’s inventory. This is also an excellent option for building up inventory for the upcoming season so you have a place to store it before the season starts. This is especially useful for landscaping businesses.

Record keeping and archives.

As your company grows, there simply might not be filing space for all of your past clients’ records and invoices. Of course it is always a good idea to maintain old files and records for reference if a problem or question arises, but it is not always economical to take up office space with old files. Using a storage unit can be an excellent solution and a great way to focus on current records without the fear of getting them lost among old files. You may also restrict access to the unit to certain people to heighten security. This is especially useful for accountants, doctors, law firms, or sales organizations.


Storage facilities can be safer than homes or businesses. If your business has important documents or expensive equipment that is not in frequent use, consider a storage unit that will eliminate the worry of the loss of these important items due to theft, fire, or flood. This can also save you the expense of hiring a security guard for your building.

Storing items during a move or remodeling.

Storage units are not just for individual use anymore. If your business is remodeling or changing locations, storage units are an excellent resource to securely store items until they are needed so that you do not feel rushed when making huge changes to your business, and you do not have to risk damage or theft to your items during the process. This will also save you time and worry so you do not feel like you have to constantly be supervising the remodeling process or worry about moving your things in and out of a moving truck within the rental time frame.

Make the most of your retail space.

Retail spaces are expensive, so it is important to use them to their maximum potential. Instead of wasting retail space on inventory, many businesses are using their entire retail space as an attractive showroom and storing their inventory in storage units. This allows the business to show the client a product’s full, attractive potential, and presenting a more inviting retail space can bring in more foot traffic. Or maybe your business does not require foot traffic, but you are having trouble stepping around boxes to get to your desk. Create space in the office for a more open, clean, and productive atmosphere that will ultimately create a more pleasant and work-friendly environment for you and your employees. Many businesses are even turning to self-storage units as a replacement for a distribution center since they are easy to access and are much more cost affordable than a warehouse rental. This is especially useful for booksellers, event planners, and online retailers.

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