How much would it cost to store Senifeld’s Apartment?

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On the massively popular 90’s TV sitcom, Seinfeld, Jerry Seinfeld’s apartment was a big part of the show. It is located at 129 W 81st St, Apartment 5A in New York City. This, for those of you unfamiliar with New York, is located on the Upper West Side. The apartment was usually a meeting place for Jerry and his friends Elaine, George and Kramer. Even though Kramer lived directly across the hall he came and went in Jerry’s apartment as he pleased. Other visitors would also frequent the apartment but the setting was mostly set around these four characters.

Being big Seinfeld fans we decided to take a deeper look at Jerry’s apartment and determine how much it would cost to put everything from Jerry’s apartment in a Manhattan storage unit. Jerry was a relatively well known stand-up comic on the TV show and lived in a modest 1 bedroom apartment. The apartment also had a kitchen, living room, dining area, 1 bathroom and a nook which was essentially his office.

We dug through several photos and old Seinfeld re-runs to come up with a good estimate of items Jerry had in his place. Listed below is everything we could find he would need to store. It is broken down by room.

Kitchen: In the kitchen Jerry has a microwave, a refrigerator, stove, 2 bar stools for his island, pots, pans plates and other glassware. We are assuming, since it is an apartment, Jerry cannot take the fridge or stove with him so those items will not need to be stored.


Seinfeld’s Kitchen (Almost always seen with Kramer milling about for food)

Living Room: The living room has a couch, a TV stand, a TV, coffee table, a chair, side table and a rug. This is a total bachelor pad.

The Layout with a good view of the Living Room

The Layout with a good view of the Living Room

Dining Room: The dining area has a table and 2 chairs. It is located in the same space as the living room and Jerry has his dining table directly behind his living room couch.

Nook: Jerry turned this little nook into his “office area” where he keeps a desk, computer, chair, and a bookcase. The bookcase holds a few dozen books, a stereo and some CD’s.

A small view of the Dining Area and the Nook

A small view of the Dining Area and the Nook

Bathroom: The only bathroom we ever see in the show has toiletries and towels. There also appears to be a small rack which may hold a plant and other small items.

Bedroom: Jerry’s only bedroom holds his bed and 2 side tables. Presumably, he has at least 1 dresser though we couldn’t find any evidence of it. There would also be a closet full of clothes and shoes. Did we mention this is a bachelor pad on the cheap?

Miscellaneous: Jerry has some random items scattered throughout his apartment as well. Things like wall pictures, lamps, pillows, linens and a bike are shown at points during the show.


We compared amenities and sizes on several storage units near the Upper West Side to determine how much it would cost to store all the contents of a 1 bedroom apartment in today’s market.

We recommend Jerry rent a 10 x 10 storage unit for his 1 bedroom apartment. This will give him enough room to stack all of his items efficiently while not being too cramped. The unit will cost $200 per month at the facility. He will most likely need insurance and depending upon the season he is storing, possibly a climate controlled unit. He can probably save some cash by renting online, using coupons and renting for a shorter period of time. Not bad.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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