Two People Rushed to Safety After Flooding at Storage Facility

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Let’s walk back to your first day at your current job. Maybe you are a bit nervous, excited or anxious to get started and meet your new bosses and employees. It can be a bit overwhelming trying to find your way around, seeing fresh faces everywhere you go all while trying to get acclimated. What happens if you make a mistake on your first day? Worse yet, what if you encounter an uncommon disaster?

Paula Helterbridle first day of work at Love Joy Self Storage in Monroe, Ohio has your first day beat. It started as a normal Saturday until it began to rain. The rain continued and proceeded to get heavier, so heavy in fact that it caused flash flooding in several counties. Nearly three feet of water covered the street leading to the self storage facility and around the business itself.

Seth Mullins, who was also in the facility with Paula, noticed the water rising up the side of his car once the rain began to subside. Then more water started to pile up until it finally breached the storage building and poured inside. Mullins called the fire department right away and then began stacking items on desks in order to save them from water damage in case the water rose too fast. The Butler County Regional Weather Rescue Unit and Fairfield Fire Department were called with boats to rescue Seth and Paula and they responded quickly.

Neither Mullins nor Helterbridle say the incident was all that frightening but they were soaked up to their thighs.  The owner of Love Joy Self Storage said the rain would occasionally pool on the roads outside the storage facility but never flooded the business before.

The heavy rains caused the National Weather Service to issue flash flood warnings in the area and produced flooding in other areas. Several cars had to be towed after they became stalled and stranded by high water.

Quick thinking by Mullins and Helterbridle got them out of a potentially dangerous situation. No word on if Paula returned for her second day of work but how’s that for a first day? Just when you think you’ve heard or seen it all. Luckily everyone was safe and unharmed.

We would love to hear any of your first day horror stories! Share them below.

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SSF Team

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