Why are Business Owners Being Charged for Using Solar Energy?

16 October 2013 by



Back in May, we posted a story about Decatur Self Storage owner Mike Easterwood going off the grid and installing solar panels at his storage facility.

In May, Mike stated the decision to go solar was due to the decreasing cost of solar installation, the ability to add significant value to the storage facility and negate the use of power companies.

Fast forward to two weeks ago and now we have the Georgia Power Company attempting to basically extort money from Mike. The power company wants Mr. Easterwood to pay for using solar energy! Let’s get this straight. Sunlight is free but if you use it to generate your own power and electricity, the power companies want a piece of it! How does that make sense? To us, this is beyond greed from the power companies.

Most utility companies will use “power swapping” to limit fees and charges. This means, the business owner will give power to the utility companies during the day, when sunlight is generating their solar power, and will then use the power companies energy at night when solar is limited. Apparently this isn’t enough for some utility companies such as Georgia Power who want to add fees or even limit swapping.

Watch for yourself and judge. Give us your take in the comment section.

Mike Easterwood on ABC: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H3rtHMrsJik

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