8 Moving Hacks That Can Help Reduce Stress

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Happy couple holding a boxUpgrading from your old home to a new home is fun. But the actual moving experience? Not so much. Millions of people move to a new location every year. It may be to a new home just down the block, a place on the edge of town, or a location located five states away. Regardless of where you are moving, the process can sometimes be frustrating, tiring, and stressful—unless you have useful recommendations on how to ease the process. If you’ve got a move planned on the horizon, follow the moving hacks outlined below:

Moving Hack #1: Get More Boxes

Don’t get as many boxes as you think you need, get more. If you think you need 10 boxes to help with your packing, get 18. The last thing you want is to find out in the middle of the night that you don’t have enough boxes to finish your packing.

Moving Hack #2: Find out What the Local Delivery Options Are

You probably think you will have enough time to cook a meal after you arrive at your new home. That is a laudable goal (cooking is fun), but odds are that you just will not have the time or energy to do much cooking. To make sure you don’t spend the first night starving in your new home or nibbling on snacks, find out what the local restaurant delivery options are.

Moving Hack #3: Sell Everything You Own

This is an appealing idea for some people, especially for those who are moving overseas or far across the country. If you find the idea of selling everything you own a little too extreme however, you can compromise by selling only the things that are making your move difficult. Instead of moving your large refrigerator, you could sell it and buy a new one after you move. If you’re not quite ready to sell any of your items, consider moving unused belongings into storage until you really need them.

Moving Hack # 4: Color Code Your Packing

Here is how it works: when packing the different rooms, use color codes to identify which box belongs where. For instance, you can tape the boxes with the kitchen items green and the box for your kid’s room red. There are several benefits to this approach. It saves you the stress of always having to look for a sharpie. It also makes it easier to sort out boxes at the new destination. Instead of them waiting for you to point out where each box goes, the movers can simply take it to the right destination by using the color codes.

Moving Hack #5: Work out the Layout of Your Home in Advance

Most people wait until they have moved all their stuff to their new home before they begin the tedious process of arranging. To make your move less stressful, spend time beforehand thinking about how you want to arrange the furniture in your new home. You can do this by drawing a rough sketch of your new home, or downloading moving apps that offer this feature (floorplanner is a good example). Following this recommendation can help you cut down on the amount of time you need to spend settling in. You can have the movers place each item at its preconfigured position. Once you have your furniture organized, think about how you want to organize your other belongings. You can find a handful of great DIY organization tips here.

Moving Hack #6: Think Tetris

Remember the old puzzle game, Tertris? You should use the same strategy when preparing to move your boxes and other items to your new home. When trying to load your boxes and furniture in the moving van, try to ‘fit’ different pieces together. Make the most of the space in the van by arranging the different items so they fit seamlessly with each other. Keep in mind: the position of the items matters. Keep heavier items such as you fridge close to the front deck of the moving van. Counter its weight with another heavy item next to it, such as the washing machine. It helps with the balance. Finally, put drawers, cupboards, and desks against the van wall to keep them from opening while you are in motion.

Moving Hack #7: Take Your Closet with You

Do not take down your clothes from their hangers. Doing so means you’ll have to go through the tedious task of folding them, packing them in a suitcase, and then unpacking them when you arrive. Why go through all that trouble when you can just as easily pack your entire closet with the hangers still in place? Bunch your hanging clothes together and then place them into garbage bags. It is a simpler way of packing, and will make the process of unpacking easier.

Moving Hack #8: Use Moving Tools When You Can

Not everyone has a dolly. However, if you or your friend own one, use it. For that matter, do not hesitate to use any tool that will make your move safer and quicker. Try to avoid carrying heavy items on your own without any assistance. If you do not have any moving gadgets and you are using a moving company, ask the companies if they can provide you with some.

The Bottom Line

The best thing you can do to reduce the stress involved with moving is to take time to plan. Having a clear strategy in place for your move can help make the entire moving experience a lot more fun. For more great moving hack ideas, click here.

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