Creative DIY Organization Hacks for Each Room in Your New Home

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fanned magazines at angleAre you struggling with managing clutter in your home? If so, consider trying one of the following organization hacks:

  1. Use Up Your Kitchen Walls: If you’re running out of space to store your cooking utensils, try mounting a large pegboard on one wall. With hooks in place, your pegboard can be a great location for hanging your different cookware. If the color of the pegboard clashes with your kitchen theme, consider having it sprayed before mounting it.
  2. Use The Pantry Door: Looking for more ways of storing items in the kitchen? Transform your pantry door into a shelf using a clear shoe organizer. It holds kitchen supplies just as well as it holds shoes, and it costs little to put it up. You can even improve functionality by putting labels on the different pockets.
  3. Teacup Jewels: You know how clustered your jewelry sometimes gets? Try this simple but classy solution. Buy a few attractive teacups or porcelain dishes from your local thrift store, and then use them as holders for your jewelry. You can sort your jewelry items into different cups based on their type. Rings in one cup, earrings in another. And so forth. It not only will make it easier for you to find a dress piece when you need it, it will also add some vintage style to your bedroom finish.
  4. Ice Cube Box: Ice cube trays can do a lot more than just hold frozen blocks of ice. They are also useful in storing tiny items such as button and beads you use when sewing. They boxes are large enough to hold the items, and the white backdrop makes it easy for you to identify an object. The next time you have a large sewing project, consider the tray approach.
  5. Build a Magazine Hanger: Instead of stacking up your magazines on the living room table, try hanging them. All you need is a wooden frame and some electrical cord. Drill several opposing holes on the wooden frame and then thread the cord across. The next time you are done with a magazine, you can simply hang it in plain sight. This approach will make it easier for you to retrieve your magazines as well.
  6. Use Glass Jars: Add a warm glow to your kitchen shelves while creating room for storage with this idea. Get several glass jars and spray them with white paint to create a classy porcelain look. You can use these to store different items. For an added lift, try spraying the lids a different color and stick brightly colored labels on each jar.
  7. Add a Fold Down Desk: Instead of installing a desk in the kid’s room, consider a fold-down desk. It is convenient and does not take up any space. To ensure that your kids make the most of their desk, the surface should be large enough for them to draw, paint, and work with clay. For added functionality, you can turn the reverse end of the desk into a blackboard, so when it’s pinned up, the kids can still draw on it.
  8. Roll Up Your Cords: As much as we hate them, power cords are invaluable. But having extension cords trailing all around the home can be irritating. If you are looking for a good way of keeping your power cords from being tangled, try this. Use the cardboard rolls from your tissue as a cord holder. Roll up your unused cables and slip them into the rolls. You can design the rolls with colorful tape and then add a label for each so you know what each cord is used for.
  9. Use Empty Cans: The next time you empty a large can of candy or coffee, do not be quick to discard it. Empty cans are good for holding items. You can use them in the kid’s bedroom for storing markers and small toys, or in your work area for studying screws, magnets, and rulers. If you are concerned about the can’s exterior, consider wrapping it in brightly colored paper.
  10. Use Boxes For Your Photos: If you do not have an album or you simply have too many photos stacked around, try using boxes to organize your pictures. You can stack your photos into different groups (high school photos, wedding photos) and then store these in individual boxes. Boxes can hold a lot more photos than an album. They are also easier to store at home or in a storage unit. When shopping for boxes, choose different colors for the different groups. Having a color code will make it easier for you to identify what is in each.

The Wrap

Before you begin organizing your home, take some time to get rid of the clutter. If you have items you don’t need to keep in your home, consider renting a storage unit to keep them in. Having the extra space can make the entire organization process a lot easier for you.

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