What Would You Find in Johnny Manziel’s Storage Unit?

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Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel has been making headlines for nearly two years now. Most of the headlines are actually football related as Johnny Football set numerous records last year en route to becoming the first Freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. In addition to the Heisman, Manziel was the first freshman to win the Davey O’Brien for best quarterback, was a First Team All-American, was the Sporting News College Player of the Year, SEC Offensive Player of the Year, Cotton Bowl MVP among many, many more awards. Needless to say, the kid is good at football.

Before he took his first snap as the Aggie quarterback, Manziel was arrested, charged with 3 misdemeanors and reportedly even spent a night in the slammer. Recently though, his off the field escapades have led to more unfortunate media coverage. From his Tweets about wanting to leave College Station, the home of Texas A&M, to his suspension for signing and possibly taking money for autographed memorabilia, this year has not been kind to Johnny Football.

We searched the headlines and came up with a list of items one would find in Manziel’s self storage unit. Brace yourselves, even though he’s not old enough to legally drink, he could fill a large storage unit with all his stuff.

The Heisman Trophy: The guy can ball. He was the best player in College Football last year. His stat line read: Passing – 295/434 for 3,706 yards to go with 26 TD’s against 9 INT’s. Rushing – 201 attempts for 1410 yards and 21 Touchdowns. As a Freshmen. That’s good.


Autographed Memorabilia: It’s no secret Johnny signed some stuff for an autograph dealer. How much no one can be sure. There is probably a closet full of unsold autographed stuff waiting to be found. Better seal it in storage, Johnny!


Ticket Stubs: Johnny has been to several Miami Heat games. In some he’s sat courtside and in others he’s been in a suite. Add to that, the Heat won the NBA Title last year and he may want to keep those tickets as a memento.


Miami Heat Gear: Can you sit courtside at sporting event as a celebrity and not wear the home team gear?


Super Bowl Gear: Johnny had better seats at last years Super Bowl than the Harbaugh parents…and two of their sons were coaching in it. Aside from the ticket stubs, I’m sure he picked up some gear to flaunt when he got back to College Station.


Stuffed Ducks: Johnny is an avid hunter and recently shot some ducks while he was out hunting in Arkansas.


Golf Clubs: Johnny appears to be a golfer as well. You know he needs storage space for those when he’s out playing football every Saturday. He can pick those up in the offseason.


Fishing Swag: Is there anything this guy doesn’t do? His fishing attire isn’t nearly up to par with his hunting gear but who cares when you only catch a minnow. He will need a place to put his fishing equipment during the season though.


Duck Dynasty Gear: We already told you he was an avid hunter and he looks the part when hunts. It is a stretch to say he’s got some Duck Dynasty gear? I mean, he was hanging out with the guys for a while too.


Foam Finger: Manziel attended a New York Yankees game earlier this year and picked up a much coveted foam finger. How can he not want to save that? It’s practically a piece of history.


Mardi Gras swag: Manziel took in Mardi Gras with about a million other people and looked the part. We don’t want any stories, just proof he was there.


NSync Merch: This one might be kind of a stretch but you never know. He was seen hanging with Justin Timberlake as well. Maybe he’s a closet NSync fan?


Casino Cash: Manziel was out at a casino in Mississippi and winning big. The Twitters have proof.




Unpaid Parking Tickets: Apparently Manziel’s Twitter meltdown about wanting to leave College Station culminated with a parking ticket. You know he doesn’t want any more of those getting out.


Halloween Costumes: Manziel touted the hot dog costume last year. His dates had…uh, less clothing on than he did. There’s a good bet all of these costumes end up in his storage unit.


Cash: The kid is probably worth millions and doesn’t get paid for any of his fame or merchandise sales, not unlike many other college athletes. He signed some autographs and there were sold. Did he get paid for it? Most likely but he says no.



Wouldn’t that be a fun storage unit to auction off on ‘Storage Wars’? Do you think he would have anything else in his storage unit? Let us know in the comments.

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