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If you have kids, I don’t have to tell you how crazy life gets when you have to race one across town for soccer, the other to volleyball and still need time to come home and cook dinner. Time is of the essence and one way to make your life run a bit smoother is to stay organized. Again, this isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you have children. Not only is your life unorganized but your kids’ lives are more unorganized and cluttered. We have come up with some tools and ideas which can help you and your children be more organized and lessen some of your daily stresses.

It’s true that some people are naturally more organized than others but children learn quickly and can follow a system fairly easily. It is a great idea to let your kids pick the organizational tools which will work best for them. Let your kids pick the planner, the colored markers and dry erase boards you will use as your “chore chart”.  Letting your kids pick their own tools will make them feel more involved and they will respond more positively rather than if you are yelling at them to pick up their toys. Providing a few tools can help kids develop organizational skills but the most effective way to help them is to model the organizational skills your child needs. This way the kids can participate and will also watch you doing the same things.


Your kids will only need a simple planner with a checklist for days of the week. This way you can track upcoming events, school homework, after school activities and play dates. A dry erase board will work just fine as well if you can’t find a planner. Be sure to reward your child for doing the chores and check off the items which have been completed. The reward can be something as simple as a sticker or piece of candy. This way your child will know they are doing good and will want to continue being organized.


Disorganized children will lose, forget or simply not complete their homework. Purchase a folder or bin to use for holding the homework. Once your child comes home he can do the homework and place it in the big or folder so you can check it over prior to your child turning it in. (Just remember to put the homework back in the same place.)Keeping homework in a separate folder will also minimize the probability it gets lost or forgotten.


It is important for kids to follow a routine, especially at night. Once dinner is completed and baths are taken, refer to the planner. What is happening tomorrow? Is the homework completed and placed back in the folder after being checked? What is going on after school tomorrow? This will become habit before bed each night and will teach your child to be organized and prepared, two great skills to continue later in life.


If you and your children have to tip-toe around toys, clothes and shoes it will be difficult to focus on the days tasks and be prepared for the next day. Cut the clutter in your life by starting with your children’s’ room and then move on from there. Throw out, donate or store anything you haven’t used in at least 3 months. lists thousands of local self storage options from coast to coast and will surely have a storage unit near you. De-cluttering your home could go a long way in preparing your children for a life of organization and cleanliness.

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SSF Team

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