Moving house with your baby or toddler

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Moving house is widely regarded as one of the most stressful things a person can do, and these feelings of worry can only be heightened if you’re moving with a young baby or toddler. There are many important steps that you can take to help your little ones cope with not only moving day, but also in settling into their new house. Here are just a few hints and tricks to keep you – and baby – calm on the big day.

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–          Firstly, if you haven’t already hired a removal company or a man with a van it might be time to consider doing so. You’re going to have to give most, if not all, of your attention to your little ones on moving day, and doing this is close to impossible if you’re also supposed to be loading and unloading cars and vans. Hiring a removal company will ease a lot of the stress and pressure of moving with a child, so it’s definitely an option to consider when planning a house move. Make sure you research into any company you’re interested in and be aware of removal scams.

–          You should take the necessary steps to baby-proof your home before moving day W3. If inquisitive toddlers get out of your sight, you want to be safe in the knowledge that they aren’t about to come to any harm in your new home. Baby gates, child locks and safety plug-ins are all things to consider having in place by the time you move in, just for extra peace of mind. This will also save you the hassle of having to do this at a later date.

–          Don’t be afraid to call in any favours owed to you by friends or family! If someone can lend a hand by babysitting for you, then snap up the chance. Moving house is stressful enough without a child in tow!

–          Make sure you have you baby or child’s necessary and essential items clearly separate from the rest of your moving boxes. Have nappies and feeding equipment in an emergency bag along with any important paperwork and necessities like your phone charger and money – keep this bag on you at all times! You don’t want things of this value getting lost in the move!

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–          If your child is a baby of toddler they might struggle keep to their sleeping routine once in their new bedroom. Try to make it seem as homely as possible for them by having their bed and toys already set-up. Your baby’s room is a priority when it comes to unpacking, as it’s important that they feel at home. This will help to ensure a good night’s sleep – for both them and you!

–          For older children, try to prepare them for the move in advance. Have a look in your local library or bookshop for children’s books about moving house so as to explain the situation to them in an exciting and fun way.

–          If you want to keep your child busy whilst you unload and unpack, have them unpack their own toys to arrange how they wish in their room. This should keep little ones busy for a while, especially those with an active imagination!  Just make sure to regularly check in on them to avoid unpacking disasters.

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