Pros and Cons of Different Types of Office Removals

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Just for the reasons you might find yourself moving homes, if you own your business you could find at some point in time the need to relocate your offices. And just as domestic relocations, commercial relocations can be just as stressful, if not more so. When it comes down to the options of how you are logistically going to move everything from a soon-to-be old office to your new office, you really only have three routes you could go down. The most common option is to hire a removal firm, but you could also hire a Man and Van service. Below are the pros and cons of both these possibilities when it comes to office removals.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Office Removals

Removal Firm

This is the most common option of removal transport used both domestically and commercially. If do chose to hire a removal firm, you’ll get a team of professionals come into your office, load up their van, drive it to the new location, and then unload it all into your new offices.


–          Professionalism: Removal firms pride themselves on their professionalism and customer service. For the price you pay you will receive the best removal service that money can buy.

–          Packing: Many office removal firms will offer a packing service as well. So if you require packing and transport, this service could really help you out.

–          Experience: Some firms will have years’ experience carrying out office removals.

–          Storage: If you require temporary storage for your items because you’re move-out date is a little before your move-in date, most removal companies will offer such a service.

–          Labour intensive: Removal firms will have an army of employees come run and move everything for you. If you are moving from one relatively office to another, then all these extra hands make the job go much quicker.

–          Insurance: They will offer you an insurance policy for your items in transit to ensure peace of mind during the move.


–          Price: As removal firms offer the most experience, labour, and variety of services, it’s no surprise to find out that they are the most expensive option when it comes to office removals.

Man and Van

Man and Van services have become increasingly popular for domestic relocations in recent years as they have offered a cheap alternative to removal firms. Although they are not commonly used for office relocations, don’t shy away from using them if the positives of their service jump out at you.

Pros and Cons of Different Types of Office Removals2


–          Price: To hire out a 3.5 tonne van for an hour will usually only cost around £15-20, although this will be higher if your offices are in London. Compare this to the few hundred pounds you would be down if you hired out a removal company to take care of your office needs and the Man and Van service seems somewhat more attractive.

–          Small office: As you only get one man with your van, as well as the size of that van usually being a 3.5 tonner, Man and Van services should only really be used for small office removals.


–          Inexperience: Most of these services only have experience with domestic removals

–          Lack of man power: You only get one man with your van. Moving all your office items with only one man at your disposable will prove difficult, especially if you operate in a large office.

–          No insurance policy: Almost all Man and Van companies won’t be able to provide an insurance policy. If something breaks you’re on your own.

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