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belmontWe can picture it now. Summer has come and gone, classes are right around the corner and you’ve got new roommates to deal with. You are beginning to think about what you’re going to do this fall and how you will get along with your new roomies. Everything is fast paced and hectic and that’s without even thinking about packing everything up for this fall. If you are tired of continually lugging all of your stuff home with you for the summer only to bring it back in the fall, we have the perfect solution for you. Consider renting a self storage unit. Below are some tips on how to locate a great Nashville self storage facility near Belmont University.

Before you begin looking for a storage facility near campus there are a few questions you need to answer. Will you need access to the storage unit often or are you simply going to put your possessions in there and go home for the summer? Are you going to be storing electronics, computers, stereos, TV’s or art? If so, you will need to look into climate controlled storage units for better protection against the heat in the summer. Do you need top of the line security at the facility? Once you answer these questions you are on your way to finding the perfect storage unit.

If your parents live out of state or further away from campus, you will most likely pack all of your stuff in storage for the summer and not touch it until you return for fall classes. Since you do not need frequent access to the storage unit, you can simply pack the unit without much regard for what goes where as long as it all fits. If you need frequent access, put the stuff you will need to use towards the front of the unit so you don’t have to dig through all of your belongings to get to the back of the unit for the 3 books you needed. If you have room, leave a walkway access from the front to the back of the unit so you can reach all of your possessions easily.


Since you will probably need to store your belongings for about 3 months, you may want to take extra precautions in storing boxes directly on the ground. If the storage unit somehow gets wet, boxes on the ground will get saturated and possibly ruin items inside. If you can, stack boxes on a pallet or on shelves so they wont get wet.

Lastly, determine if you require a climate controlled storage unit for your belongings. Climate controlled storage units are great for items like paintings, art, electronics, computers, TV’s, stereos and leather furniture. The temperature in these units is set at a constant and the air is constantly circulating so there is no chance of mold, mildew or bacteria ruining your possessions.

To find the perfect storage facility around campus, simply use our convenient search function. There you should find several facilities near campus which offer affordable, safe storage options. Currently there are over a dozen storage facilities within 10 miles of campus and you won’t even have to cross the Cumberland River or the 440. Narrow down your search based on the criteria you deem important and then find the closest or most affordable facility for you.

These tips will have you on your way to finding the perfect storage unit for you and your belongings over summer break. Use to easily and quickly find a storage unit near Belmont University campus.

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SSF Team

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