Questions to Ask when Shopping for a Removal Company

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Hiring a removal company is the most popular choice when deciding on how you are going to transport all your possessions from your soon-to-be old home to your new one. For the price you pay, they will come into your home, take everything you want transported to the van, drive the van to your new home, and then unload everything in it into the rooms you want. It is a sure fire way to ensure that the logistics of moving doesn’t stress you out too much. Let these brief questions be a guide to what to ask removal companies:

Questions to Ask when Shopping for a Removal Company

1)      Is their availability compatible with yours?

This should be the first question you ask – if they’re fully booked on your move out/move in date then there is not much point asking anymore questions. You’ll have to cost your losses with that company and try and find another.

2)      Will they be willing to carry out the move for you?

Some removal companies operate locally, some nationally – so if you’re moving from, say, Kent to Scotland, it’s best to find out whether they would be willing to take on such a job. Again, if they’re not, it’s time to hang up the phone.

3)      How much will it cost to carry out the move?

This is possibly the most important question to ask if you are working to a strict budget. Like with every other industry, some companies will be cheaper than others, and some will provide a more professional service than others. It is also vital that you do not accept the first quote you are offered – the chances are it won’t be the cheapest. Instead get a variety of quotes from multiple companies; this will mean you will be more informed when it comes to making a decision about what removal company to go with.

4)      Do they offer the right size van for you?

If you have built up a collection of possessions, memorabilia, furniture, and whatever else over the years, you will, in all likelihood, need a 7.5 tonne van to transport all your possessions in one go. Most removal companies will have these vans available, but it is always best to check. Likewise, if you are minimalist and do not have the amount of belongings to warrant using a 7.5 van, check if they have smaller vehicles available. There’s no sense in paying for transport space you do not need.

Questions to Ask when Shopping for a Removal Company2

5)      Do they provide a packing service?

Before asking this question to removal companies, ask yourself whether you need a packing service. A packing service will cost extra, but it will take all the stress out of packing as professionals will come into your home and pack all your items away ready for the move in a professional and delicate manner.

6)      Do they offer an insurance policy in case your items get damaged?

Most home insurance policies will not cover any damage to your items incurred during a move. Luckily, removal companies – especially the more experienced and professional ones – will offer you an insurance policy which means that if any think breaks, you will be adequately compensated.

7)      Can you ride with them to your new home?

If you don’t own a car or any other type of vehicle, then it will be worth your time to ask removal companies if there will space for you to sit in the van with them when they transport your items. Most will let you providing there is space and this will save you paying for your own transport to your new residence, as well as save you time. On top of all that, it means you will arrive at the same time as all your worldly possessions.

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  • Relocating to new place is always a challenge but to hire a reputable moving company is more challenging than it. Hidden charges are the most common complaint against moving companies. Ask if they charge for each flight or stairs or for short-term storage. Ask if there is an extra charge if evenings, weekends, or large, delicate items such as a piano, grandfather clock, or flat screen TV.

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