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Moving can be a stressful experience. First, you have the stress of sorting out which of the many items in your home you’re keeping and which ones you’re trashing. Then, there’s the Herculean task of ensuring that everything you’ve elected to hold on to is neatly packed into boxes. And even after all those hours spent packing your items away, there’s still the tedious process of unpacking to look forward to.

Most people wish there was a way they could zap their property from one home to another. Science isn’t quite there yet, but it has made some headway. If you own a smartphone and you’re a fan of functional apps, the following are a few innovative resources that could make your next move a little easier:

1. Moving Van

The Moving Van iOS app offers you an effective way to organize the moving process. In addition to providing a flexible date range, it features a status update function that lets you know how far ahead or behind schedule you are with your moving plans. You can gauge your readiness level by checking off items on the default checklist or by creating a customized checklist of your own.

The app also takes advantage of the camera on your phone for digital recording. Using this, you can take pictures of each box while you’re packing so that you have an idea of what’s contained in each box. You’ll never have to worry about which box contains your toilet paper again!

2. iMoving

Take control of your move with Apple’s iMoving app, which comes packed with tools and features designed to optimize your packing and moving process.

Clicking on the “Start Moving” button gives you an overview of the different rooms in your house. You can add or remove rooms and then create a list of the different items in each room. This will come in handy when it’s time to unpack. You can also request a moving quote or make moving estimates through the app.

3. Let’s Storage

As the name suggests, Let’s Storage is a storage management app that’s perfect for people who have items stored in multiple units.

This program allows you to track the items you have in different storage spaces and gives you a general idea of the total storage volume you need—a feature that is bound to come in handy when requesting transportation quotes for your move. Its useful search option allows you to find and track different items—you can even sort your items based on category, name, or moving destination.

4. MoveTools

Some people need a little help with their moving plans. For these individuals, MoveTools is a good fit. Created by State Farm Insurance, the app comes with a comprehensive list of things you need to do, all spread across a specific timeline.

Working with the app, you’ll be able to track your completed tasks while counting down to your moving date. It also gives you the ability to create a to-do list and offers an ingenious “smart label” feature, which allows you to mark each of your boxes and check the contents without even needing to open them.

5. Suddath’s Moving Guru

Need moving advice? Turn to Suddath. This iOS app comes with tons of useful tips that can help you plan your move over a 10-week period, with actionable advice offered through articles and video tips.

You can use the app to find professional movers around you, as well as to create a moving estimate based on your items. And once you’ve settled into your home, it offers a convenient “We’ve Moved” feature that allows you to share that information with the contacts in your phone.

6. SmartStop Self Storage’s Inventory Tracker

The problem with moving boxes is that, after a while, they all start to look the same. Oftentimes, the only difference is that some are larger than others. The SmartStop Inventory Tracker iOS app gives you a good way to track what items are where, preventing you from having to spend half your morning driving between storage facilities. Even better, this app is totally free to use.

7. Move Atlas

Available on the Android and iOS platforms, MoveAtlas is a robust application that’s packed with useful resources. Not only does it feature checklists of things you need to do to prepare for your moving day, it has a separate set of checklists for the day itself.

Offered free of charge, the app also comes with tons of packing tips and expert advice on how to best organize your moving schedule. The app’s tracking system also allows you to keep tab on your shipment if you use the Atlas Van Lines.

8. Moving Planner

How many things do you need to deal with before your moving date? Ten? Twenty? Try more than two hundred. Moving Planner is an invaluable Android app that offers you an extensive checklist to help get these key preparation steps under control.

The free moving checklist makes it easy for you to track what tasks you’ve already completed and what still needs to be handled. In addition to the default checklist, you can customize your own list for added flexibility.

9. Yelp

Settling into your new home isn’t the only thing that you have to deal with – you also need to get to know your neighborhood! You’ll need to find the right schools for your kids and figure out where the best restaurants are located. And if you need to grab a pizza, it helps to know just how far away the nearest place is.

This is where Yelp comes in. Available on Android and iOS, this community reviews app can help you to find the different necessities you’ll need to access around your neighborhood. With it, you’ll be able to find and choose different options for businesses and services based on the reviews left by other patrons, easing the stress of your relocation.

Get the Help You Need

Engineers are still a long way off from building a robot that can help take over your packing and moving preparations. But that said, there still plenty of helpful apps and resources that can ease the process.

Downloading moving apps on your smartphone or tablet can make the tedious process of moving a little easier by helping you to organize your packing, catalogue where each item is stored, and get quotes from the movers near you. You’ll still need to do some of the lifting, but the burden of moving will be a little lighter.

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