Alternative Packing Materials- Never buy bubble wrap again!

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When moving home people often find they spend a lot of money on packing materials to make sure their possessions are safe and secure when being transported. However, if you are on a tight budget or trying to be more eco-friendly during your move there here is a list of alternatives to the traditional packing materials.

Alternative Packing Materials- never use bubble wrap again

  • Newspaper

A favourite with car-booters and jumble-salers alike newspaper is always a winner when it comes to boxing up fragile items. It can be used to wrap fragile items as well as being balled up or ripped in to strips to bulk out boxes so that your prised possessions don’t rattle around and break during transportation.

  • Magazines

Used in the same way you would a newspaper magazines are also an effective alternative to buying packaging supplies. However due to the size of magazines they are best used crunched up to pad and protect things within a box. However if you have smaller items that need wrapping, magazine paper is perfect and means you can save the newspaper for the larger items.

  • Junk Mail and Plastic bags

Junk mail is often an overlooked source of useable paper. Instead of throwing it out, put it to some use, ball it up or rip it in to strips and use it as padding for boxes. That way, even though you weren’t interested in what it was printed for, you’ve still found a use for it so the tree it was made from wasn’t cut down for nothing. Also, shoppers are always being encouraged to use long life shopping bags but it still seems many use plastic bags. If you have an abundance of bags, use them as padding and space fillers. If you do it means that day you forgot your bags for life and had to use plastic ones wasn’t wasteful, it was useful!

  • Wrapping Paper

Some people flatten and save wrapping paper from gifts to use at a later date but will often find it never looks as fresh the second time you use it. Instead of re-using it for gifts it is perfect for use during your move. People tend to over use wrapping paper so you may find you have a lot of large pieces that you can wrap objects with. Also, the texture of wrapping paper is similar to that of newspaper so it is perfect for scrunching and padding boxes and items so that they don’t rattle and break during your move.

Alternative Packing Materials- never use bubble wrap again2

  • Shredded Office Waste

Shredded paper is a really effective filler for boxes as it is bulky and provides a cushioned space for your more fragile items. However, if you have ever dealt much with shredded paper be warned, it gets everywhere and you may find that you are still discovering strands of it months after you have settled in to your new home.

  • Old clothes and Bedding

During your move it is always encouraged that you throw out any unwanted clothes to save from packing and transporting them to your new home.. However, old clothes, sheets and towels are perfect to use as padding during your move. You can cut them up to use as padding and space fillers or use them to wrap your breakables in. If you keep them in one piece you will still be able to donate them to charity after you have unpacked.

  • Re-sealable Sandwich Bags

If you are a user of re-sealable sandwich bags make sure you wash them out and keep them instead of throwing them away after you have used them. They are perfect for packing as you can seal them full of air and use them as cushioning pads inside your boxes to fill space and protect your breakables.

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