Recycling and Reusing Cardboard Boxes After Moving House

19 July 2013 by

If you’ve just moved house, the chances are you have endless amounts of cardboard boxes left over which you used to transport a multitude of things. Other than cluttering up the house, cardboard boxes are also ugly and quite useless items. Getting rid them isn’t as hard as you think, if you think it’s particularly difficult that is.

The first and most common recycling option is to simply recycle them using the recycle service provided by your local council. Most councils in the UK now provide a recycling service that is very similar to a a rubbish service. Such services often provide you with a big wheely bin to leave outside your home. To recycle your cardboard boxes this way, simply just flatten then and place them in the wheely bin. Then you play the waiting game – waiting for the council to take them away. Which is usually done weekly.

If your council doesn’t provide a door-to-door recycling pick up service they are still bound to have a recycling point near you. Again, all your cardboard must be flattened. Check your local services to find the nearest recycling point to you. They may be small ones accompanies by bottle banks, or the nearest one to you may be a huge industrial sized tip.

An alternative to recycling them is to reuse them. If you have a lot of items that you don’t need on a daily basis, it might be an idea to store them in your many boxes, and then store that box way in an attack, a garage, or any storage space you may have.

Other than using them as storage containers, you can ask your friends family if they are in need of any. Maybe they too are moving house soon and need them for the same reasons you did. Or maybe they wish to use them as storage containers. Who knows, they might just have an inherent love for cardboard boxes. It doesn’t help to ask.

Another form of reuse is to use them for arts and crafts. If you have small children, we all know you can make some interesting things out of cardboard, if you’ve ever watched blue peter. They can be painted on, used to make little figurines or even some artistic masks. Your children are bound to have loads of fun making quirky and interesting things out of what was once dull, ugly and beige cardboard.

One thing you must make sure you do not do is leave them outside. It is highly likely it will rain and cardboard and rain do not mix. They will become bundles or papery-slush, making them unusable for future purposes and making recycling services may refuse to take them.

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