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They say that moving house is one of the most stressful activities people ever experience. This is probably true, given the number of stages involved – finding a property, purchasing it and physically moving.

However, the final stage of the process can be made easier, simply by selecting the right removals firm. Although word of mouth can be an effective way of sourcing the right provider, it is important to ensure that they meet specific criteria. For example, a firm that knows the area, as well as the parking restrictions surrounding a specific location will not only instil your confidence in using the provider, but it will also speed up what can already be a stressful process. Furthermore, given that many firms charge by the hour, a familiarity with the area will ensure costs are kept to a minimum. By speaking to friends, as well as looking at reviews and testimonials to back up any verbal recommendations, doing your homework can really pay off or in this case pay back.

On the topic of minimal costs, there are a number of things that the mover can pro-actively do to further reduce the amount of time spent moving. Although it sounds obvious, ensuring that everything is properly packed will save valuable man hours. Disassemble furniture to ensure that it willfit through doors – although many firms will reassemble this upon reaching your new home, by ensuring half the job is done for them, this will significantly reduce the overall time taken to move.

On selecting the right firm, it is vital to, in the words of an infamous Meerkat, compare the market. After making comparisons about the local knowledge (or lack of it) which firms have, draw up a shortlist and obtain individual quotes on their hourly rates. However, it is important not to go by price alone, but instead ensure that the final choice meets your full list of requirements, in terms of previous recommendations and knowledge of the local area.

It’s vital to allow enough time to plan everything. After all, obtaining so many quotes can take a number of weeks, as removal firms have to assess the amount of items you have to move and match their proposed price accordingly. In addition, many firms can be booked up for weeks in advance so it’s best to start planning well before a completion date.

Although ideally, a move will go smoothly, it is also ensuring good idea to make sure that your home contents insurance covers any potential breakages that might occur during the move. However, it is also well worth checking if the removals firm that you decide on can provide you with moving insurance against breakages and damages.

Another point to consider in  the planning process which can cut down time for the removals firm is by providing your chosen company with information about your new property’s layout, so that they can properly plan ahead due to them knowing in advance of what to expect when they arrive. Just two examples of this are checking if there are alternative access routes to the property and informing them how many flights of stairs there are.

There’s no doubt that moving home is a tiresome and stressful experience, but simply by splitting up the process and assessing where time and more importantly, money, can be saved, this can be significantly reduced.

SSF Team

SSF Team

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