Temporary Holding Instead Of Total Office Removals

30 April 2013 by

It is not always the case that you need to move from an office to another commercial property on a permanent basis. For example, take the situation where a person needs to renovate one’s office space. In such  situation the aim is to move the office items to a temporary location to enable space for the renovation work to go on.There can be no break in the office work during the moving or renovation. In such special cases people who offer office removals solutions should advise the temporary holding method.  The service provider would naturally advise shifting of unwanted furniture first to a warehouse. Such items of furniture must therefore be identified well in advance and labeled. It would make the work of the removal company simpler and faster.

With the “not so” essential furniture stacked away at their storing place, one would take on the actual equipment which is needed for the daily working of the office. These items would be moved by the office removals service providers to the temporary location. It would be set up there as a temporary workplace.  The office removals people must be able to set up the temporary work and holding place of the equipment with a close mapping of the way the original office had been set up. There is also the issue of important papers and other such documents, which the service provider of the moving company must be able to handle. The documents could be very confidential in nature and need to be stored accordingly. The temporary office space cannot compromise this aspect in any way. It would seriously jeopardize the entire office and its existence. This has to be driven into the contract of the service provider. The ability of the service provider for this feature also needs to be ascertained well before settling on any particular one.

Marking the items and the spot where the item is to be placed, after the renovation is complete, is also necessary. If one does not follow this process then there would be a great wastage of time at the end of the work, while returning the items to their original place. The renovation work would have given a new look which is different to the one before. If the items and the spot are not marked in pairs, before the move had taken place, it would be like setting up a new office space all together and its associated difficulties.

The removal people must be aware of this and guide the client in a way to do so methodically. It cannot be just piling up all the stuff at one temporary location and shifting them all back with decisions being taken, about where to place them, during the shift back process itself. There are many service providers who specialise in such relocating process that are available today, and it is best to select them appropriately rather than going to just any of the run-of-the-mill movers and packers.

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SSF Team

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