The Worlds Thinnest House

26 April 2013 by

It’s no secret that space is coveted in large cities. Most city dwellers are crammed into 400-900 square feet of space and using more than half of their paychecks on rent. Yet, some families in the suburbs may feel cramped in 2,500 square feet. Polish architect Jakub Szczesny began designing the Keret House nearly 4 years ago when he found a tiny, (tiny) space between two buildings in Warsaw, Poland. This is incredible and must be seen.

The house is actually situated nearly 10 feet off of the ground and is about 33 feet deep and 30 feet tall. That’s it! Incredibly, it manages to squeeze in a bedroom, bathroom and kitchen. It will be used as a place for artist residencies which will last from 5-7 days. How someone can spend any time in here without feeling like they are going to be squeezed to death is amazing. One would have to stand sideways in order to stretch out completely. I mean, the house is only 4 feet wide!

The space is actually too small to be considered a full-time residence according to Polish laws, so the “house” will be taken care of by the Foundation of Polish Art.

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