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Having to move a house or office full of items can mean you have too many boxes to fit into the space at your new place. Rather than leave things behind or discarding them all together, you may want to store them while you free up some space. Self storage units can provide another option to store your boxes safely while you get things sorted at the new building and offer flexible time frames for using them.

Is the storage company legitimate?

In the UK there is a mark of standards. When considering using a self storage locker, look out for the logo of the Self Storage Association (SSA). They are the body in place to ensure safety and security of your items and set the conducts the centres need to follow.  The SSA does recommend checking the terms and conditions of the lease before signing anything to make sure the service will meet your needs.


Always check the lease of the storage unit. The last thing you want to do is to pay for more time than you need, but on the other hand  you need to make sure you don’t let the lease expire because you didn’t take it out for long enough. Leases can be taken for short periods of less than a week, to long term leases that can last years.

What can be stored?

Things that can be stored can range from home or office furniture to a few small boxes holding documents. The units needn’t be used in the instances of moving either. If you find new hobby is taking up too much space at your home you can relocate the items to a self storage unit for safe keeping and freeing up space at home. There are certain guidelines within the British law regarding what cannot be stored. These things include anything that is deemed harmful to others such as firearms or weapons and dangerous substances and chemicals. It is also advised not to store any perishable items like food.


Most storage units are open and can be used 24/7. This means you are not limited to certain times of day or week to drop things off or pick things up. Some do only operate within normal working hours, so this is something you will have to find out at the storage unit.


The cost of these units varies depending on the size of the unit and the amount of time it is used for. Self storage providers will be able to give you more advice on the most suitable unit for you in terms of size and price.


One of the biggest worries of leaving your items unattended in a storage unit is whether or not your items are safe. CCTV is used in all reputable self storage units so there is always some form of security. Also will be the only person who has access to the locker. When you rent the unit you attach a padlock and only you have the key. Self storage companies may also offer insurance to protect the contents of the locker. It is always advisable to take out insurance to cover your items in case of a worst case scenario, like theft or water damage. Household or contents insurance is unlikely to cover the items stored in self storage units, but it may be worth checking with insurers to be sure.


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SSF Team

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