Easy Tips to Make Your Long Distance Move Easier

19 April 2013 by

Moving is tough and stressful and a long distance move is even more complicated and stressful for several reasons. It is difficult to make time to explore and research a place to live, neighborhoods, facilities, shopping, restaurants, schools, etc. All of this information is available but most of the research is done online as continuous travel to a new city can become expensive. No matter how difficult the move, it is essential to plan in order to ensure a seamless process while moving.

Consider these tips when moving long distance:

  • Research the City – Be sure to do your research prior to visiting the new city. There is plenty of information online regarding neighborhoods, schools, places to eat and shop, crime, cost of living and anything else you would need to know. Be sure to ask your friends and even put out feelers on Social Media sites in order to get in depth information about the city from people who actually live there or have visited in the past. This could help you find some terrific, local only restaurants or bars, as well as get good routes to avoid traffic jams.
  • Plan Your Trips – Chances are you will only have a handful of times to visit the new city prior to moving there so you need to make sure you make the most of those trips. It is best to plan every aspect of your trip, from checking out the neighborhoods to local restaurants and grocery stores. Planning ahead will assure you don’t forget anything and will have you fully prepared so you aren’t wasting any time.
  • Pack Smart and Label Boxes – Be sure to pack everything in boxes prior to the moving truck arriving at your home. You don’t want to be scrambling the day of the move and stressing more than you already are. When packing the boxes, be sure to label where each box came from  and what is in it (Kitchen – Glasses or Closet – Blankets) so it is easier to unpack once you arrive at your new home. Be sure to set aside some toiletries, snacks, towels, car charger, cell phones and important phone numbers as well. You can put these in a box labeled “Priority” so you know where to get the important stuff when you need it.
  • Delegate – There will be more than enough stuff to do on and prior to moving day that you will surely have your hands full. It is important to delegate as much as possible so you do not get overwhelmed. Hire a moving company to pack, unpack and drive your belongings to the new city. Hire someone to transport your car if you are not going to drive it. Find a neighbor/friend/relative to help with the kids so they are out of the way on moving day. The less you have to worry about, the more efficiently the day will go.
  • Don’t Stress – Moving, planning and getting your new home ready is going to be stressful and take a good amount of time. It probably won’t all get done in a week, let alone a few days. Take your time, unpack a room at a time and don’t stress the small stuff. Unpack on your own time and let the rest wait until you are ready.

These helpful tips should aid you in your long distance move. If you find you need a local self storage unit once you move to the new city, SelfStorageFinders.com has you covered. Research, analyze and rent through our website 24 hours a day.

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SSF Team

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