Is Your Self Storage Facility Prepared for a Potential Disaster?

12 April 2013 by

Natural disasters happen every year in the United States. Most of the time, there is only a moments notice before a disaster strikes. Recent storms, such as Hurricane Sandy on the East Coast or the tornado that ripped through Tuscaloosa, show what a devastating effect these storms can have. Being prepared ahead of time can be the difference between life and death and can keep you as safe as possible. Below are some basic tips for natural disaster preparation at your storage facility.

  • Identify areas with potential problems or which require attention. Areas such as roofs, gutters, storm drains, parking lots, walls, ceilings and vehicles. Clear any debris and be sure roofs, walls and ceilings are in proper condition. A hole in a wall or cracked ceiling could lead to huge problems later.
  • Clean up trash and trash cans, pallets and other debris. Leaves and grass clippings should be cleaned in order to avoid choking drains and water systems.
  • Be sure there are plenty of flashlights available with new, working batteries.
  • All vehicles should be fully fueled in case of emergency evacuation.
  • Cell phone batteries should be operational and fully charged as well.
  • Have a generator readily available in case of a loss of power for any amount of time.

Once the storm passes on, there is the daunting task of cleanup. Several New York self storage facilities stepped up in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy and provided free storage for residents. Clothes, food, money and shelter were some of the items donated from across the Nation as well.

Many families were torn and businesses ruined during these last two natural disasters. Although it is nearly impossible to be fully prepared during a natural disaster, simple preparation will have you understanding what to do and aid in your survival. Is your storage facility prepared to deal with natural disasters? Do you have any other survival tips?

SSF Team

SSF Team

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