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After spending an endless amount of hours checking house listings, you have finally found one that you love. You have even gone ahead to sign all the paperwork to make it yours.  Now the only thing left to do is to move your items to your new place. This may seem quite straight forward and simple but is it really? This is actually a tough step. Moving house requires a lot of planning,  good organisation of your items and some may even say that you need luck too. Without these three things, moving house can be a real headache.

This article however, provides great tips that will make the transition go smoothly. This advice is good for both first time movers and even those with experience after several house moving experiences.  This advice does not cater for any unexpected occurrences and in so you should be wary of anything unexpected happening. After following our advice you will increase your chances of minimizing stress and any unexpected negative turns of events from happening and you will soon be in your new apartment as soon as possible.

First and foremost, make sure that you are organised. You should always make plans way ahead and not a day before moving. You should also refrain from packing the day before you move to Colindale. This will allow you to take stock of items that have long skipped your mind. You will also be able to make labels for all your items making it easy to unpack them at your new home. The moment you get to your new home you will immediately know which item goes into which room thanks to your proper labeling.

If you have been at your old apartment for a long time you will notice that you have probably accumulated a lot of items that you no longer need or use. These items normally include clothes, furniture and even some electronics. Instead of throwing them away you should donate them to a good charity instead. The  Salvation Army is one of the places where you can donate your unwanted items. This will ensure that the items which you no longer require go to other people who need them but can’t afford them. This way you get to clear out stuff you don’t need any more and whilst at the same time doing a good need that will help others?  If this is too much of a hassle you can always do a garage sale if you plan ahead.

Moving house is stressful when done alone so always get as much help as you can. Call in all of your family members and friends who are willing to lend a hand. This is also cheaper as you can settle any cost for their help by buying pizza for the group. If you are unlucky to have friends and family who live out of town then it is best to acquire the service of a moving company. You can hire their help for just a part of the work or even for the entire house moving process. They are professionally trained staff with all the right equipment to make sure your items are safely delivered without damages. When using house moving services make sure to check their insurance policies as different services offer different policies during house moving. If your items are very fragile, valuable or sentimental then it is better to protect them by investing in some insurance yourself. This will go beyond the coverage offered by the insurance company you are working with.

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