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“Clothes make the man” and “Dress for success” are two common references when talking about the importance of clothes. Many people express themselves through their clothes and also use clothes to make a good impression on job interviews etc. One issue which arises when you have too many clothes is that your closet becomes cluttered and you neglect to throw away old clothes. Instead of running to your nearest self storage facility or Goodwill store with your extra clothes, use these tips to clean your wardrobe.

Your Size, Your Closet

Some of the most confusing items of clothing in your closet are probably clothes that are either too big or too small. If the clothes don’t fit you anymore, you aren’t going to be wearing them anytime soon and thus they should be removed from your closet. If you think you may want to keep them for any reason, use storage bins or rent a self storage unit until you need them in the future.

Out of Style, Out the Door

Fashion designers will say styles rotate and most clothing will go in and out of style over the years. Can you afford to keep your ‘50s style clothing until it comes back again all the while taking up valuable space in your closet? If the style is out, the clothes should be as well. If you think you want to keep some clothing you can put some of the clothes at a self storage facility until the ‘50s come back.


Keep your closet organized with shoes in one spot, dresses and suits on hangers and button down shirts neatly organized. Other shirts can be organized on shelves in the closet along with belts, hats and ties. If your closet is organized, you will be able to find clothes easily and not spend precious time in the morning searching for your black shoes.

Only keep items in your closet which you wear often. If the styles are out or if the clothes don’t fit they are taking up space and forcing you to waste your time combing through them in your closet.

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